Children living in Apartments

kikidMarch 2, 2006

Hello. I'm doing research for an article about children living in apartment communities. I'd like to hear from parents of children under 16 who live in apartment complexes. I'd like to know what amenities your complex offers for area, etc., what rules or restriction apply to children playing, what problems have you encounted with your children having play at home? What ammenities do you like or would like to have?

Please include

what city, state you live in

Number of children & ages

does complex have play area?

Can children ride bike or toss ball in the complex?

does your complex have pool, fitness center?

size of complex(number of units)

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moving down

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Hi I live in canada. I have two children, 2 and 3. They have not caused us to get any comoplaints, but out of respect we have also moved to a main floor. Our building has 73 units in it, and everyone is very friendly. we have a games room whirl pool and exercise room, which say under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, but I know our landlord lets in younger tennants, as long as they are behaving and respecting the property. Our building has a mixture of seniors, married couples, single people, and families in it. It is not a concrete building so I wouldnt recommend tossing the ball or riding a bike but it has happened and we havent had any complaints, even when we lived upstairs, maybe we just got lucky with our neighbours. There is also a park near by, and a school bus that stops our front of our building for school aged children. Like the one I sometimes baby sit. who was 7 when I started watching him.

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