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ssharp77March 9, 2007


This is my first time posting to this forum and I have already seen so many posts about noisy neighbors. So I apologize for being another one of the "usual suspects" so to speak.

I have lived in my complex for about 10 years now. Mostly because it is affordable and super, super close to my job (about 3 miles). For the past 6 years (or close to it) I have had the worst neighbors living above me. I have made numerous complaints to the management and there is always some sort of excuse, including things that a management office should never say such as, "If you don't like it, maybe you should move", or "Maybe they are retaliating because you complain too much." And I know for a definite fact that I am not the only tenant who has had issues with them (its a Mother, her daughter, and the daughter's daughter, of hispanic descent... the area of town I live in is predominantly latino). It seems that the non-latino tenants, such as myself, all have problems with the complex doing something in regards to the latino tenants. I hate to make it sound like a racial issue, but it is hard to ignore. Other responses I have received (as has other tenants) include "it's the daytime", or "it's not even 8pm yet." How is this ethical, let alone legal??

I have even written the parent management company based out of Colorado (which, oddly enough the management office denies having a parent company and refuses to give any information regarding them) and have received no help.

The issue with the neighbors is that it is a rather large woman (and this in no way is stereotyping as I myself am a big man at 6', 350lbs), her boyfriend/husband, and her 4 year old daughter. The noise is literally 24/7. I wonder if they ever sleep or if they ever stop moving. It's like they take shifts sleeping while the other one stays awake and makes noise. It's THAT bad. Whenever I have tried to talk to them, they always act like they don't know english or try to say its the neighbors next to them. But I am sorry if I am not that ignorant and can tell the difference between the noise directly above me and the noise not directly above me. They often try to blame the child as well. I can tell when it's the child and I dont mind that so much as I have a 4 year old niece and know how energetic they can be. I have filed numerous complaints with the "Critical Intervention Services" (a sort of armed security) and yet nothing is ever done. In any other "respectable" complex, the number of times I have made complaints would've LONG had tenants evicted. And I know it is my own fault for not moving, but why should I have to? Isn't it a right of my own to be allowed to live in peace and quiet?

And yet the complex management can only say that I am the *only* tenant to complain the way I do and that the people above me have never gotten complaints by anyone else. Thats utter garbage. And how can you even, in the right of mind, say that to a tenant? Especially when I know for a FACT no one has ever complained about me. I just wish there was something I could do, short of going to jail or losing my mind.

Help. :(

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I'd say it's time to move. Sure you've lived there 10 years but you don't own it and it sounds like management isn't going to do anything so why not start looking for a new place? Daytime noise and before 8 p.m. doesn't sound unreasonable to me and if you truly haven't slept well for the last 6 years, I'd say you'd better get a new place for health reasons, if nothing else. Lack of sleep can cause big health issues.

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Posted by ssharp77: And I know it is my own fault for not moving.

You've already answered your own question.

Maybe move out of Florida to another state?

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"For the past 6 years (or close to it) I have had the worst neighbors living above me."

Six years is long enough to put up with this kind of aggravation. If it were me I'd move already.

Maybe you could find a smaller building and get a unit on the top floor. The housing market is still soft in many parts of Florida. If you plan to stay in the area, you might consider buying a place of your own.

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If you dont want to move altogether,why not ask the complex to transfer you to another apartment in the complex as soon as one becomes available?
That's what we did,we had to wait a few months and go month to month,but when one opened up they moved us.You shouldnt have to pay another deposit because it should just transfer with your lease since you arent leaving the complex.
The only thing we ended up paying was for our blinds that our cat messed up.
That way you are still in the same great area and all,but dont have them above you.You could request a upper level to be sure the problem doesnt present itself again.

4 year olds can be extremely bad with the running and jumping and noise.My sister and her son had to request a ground level because so many people complained about the noise he made.The child could not merely walk,but had to stomp at all times.
You may also have thin walls which means it is not entirely their fault.Alot of apartments must have this problem,hence the noisy neighboors posts.

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You didnt list anything specific that they do wrong- just that they are noisy. There is little an apartment complex can do if the noise they make is from normal living- or cannot be heard outside the apartment. If it were me, and I was that unhappy, I would move.

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I feel your pain, i have also got the your the only one complaining, so we dont care. So they peg me for not getting along with other tenants and such. Kinda backwards management you have too. I had the same.

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