What is it with crazy people and parking spaces?

MassMittenMarch 9, 2014

I live in an apartment otherwise known as the 'beehive' mostly because it's yellow and there are 8 apartments here.

There are three parking spaces on my side of the building. Two right in front the door and a third on the end (mine, since it's walled off, I chose that one).

Usually there's only two people living there at a time with cars for some reason. That should mean the third spot is open for guests right? Nope!

When I was changing cars because my rear end got totaled by a plow truck, a man that no longer lives here complained to the landlord that he should get two spaces if I get two and I was told to get it towed which I promptly did. Having unregistered cars on the property is an eye sore among other things, I understand that. He never had anyone over but whatever.

Fast forward a couple of years. That man has moved out and now my upstairs neighbor has taken his spot right next to the door. AND the spot next to that one for her boyfriend that doesn't even live there. She even put up signs after my boyfriend parked in the free spot one night and she left an out of control note on his car window.

There are parking spaces along the street that my guests can park in so it shouldn't be a big deal, right?

Now that it's winter, she doesn't feel like shoveling out the extra spot that her guest boyfriend parks in so now no one can park in the spot along the street. I parked there once when the plow guy re-covered my driveway entrance and I was too sick to re-shovel it,

She has taken that as a sign of aggression and now parks her car along the street when her boyfriend is coming over. She parks in a way that she is taking up two street spaces as well as the two spaces in front!

She has also complained that another neighbor parks on a space close to the house on the other side of the street!

Does anyone else have parking stories? I used to live in the city with street parking and people would get pretty psycho about those too.

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Your rental contract should clearly state if, and how many, parking spaces come with your rental apartment. If you review it, and it says that you get one parking place, but not the location, then you may wish to ask your landlord which space comes with your rental. If indeed, it is one space per rental, then you and anyone else have the right to complain when their ONE SPACE is taken by another tenant. I suspect, though, that your apartment likely does not come with any guaranteed parking, or it is first come, first served. You may be able to assure yourself your spot by offering your landlord extra rent for a guaranteed parking space, although it is unlikely, unless you offer an awful lot of extra rent, that he is going to go through the expense of having people towed if they park in your spot. You may be able to pay for the towing yourself if your landlord contacts the towing company and gives you the authority to do so at your own expense.

As for the parking violations of the neighbor: call the police. Parking enforcement is their job, if she is parking in more than one space, or blocking driveways, or the street, she can be ticketed.

For everything else: TOO MUCH DRAMA.

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I'm currently living in Argentina, a LONG way from my jerk neighbor which I am so happy for. He was so inconsiderate in so many ways I could write for hours. But this thread is regarding parking so I'll just stick to that.

So even though we had a driveway leading to a 2-car garage, do you think he would park in the garage and help shovel the driveway (which we are responsible to do) during a big snow storm? NOPE, he decided to stay parked on the side of the street. Not the brightest bulb on the tree.

Well, he had a JEEP COMMANDER! So he didn't have to shovel himself out! So of course that just left packed mounds of icy snow in his wake so nobody else could park there.

Maybe it's just me it seems it's a public duty to shovel out your space as best as you can. He's a healthy 30 year old guy with 2 kids who could help. No issues there. Just friggin' lazy. Never helped my shovel the sidewalk ever.

I just had to laugh every time I saw him struggle to get out of his space after a big storm without shoveling. He'd spend an hour out there going back and forth, back and forth until he finally burst out, leaving a mound of snow in the spot where I just shoveled. Heaven forbid he pick up a shovel. We were in New England for the love of all things holy!

No worries of that for me now. Not much shoveling going on in Argentina in December. Someone else has to deal with this idiot. Such a relief!

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