What would you call this?

peachydevaJanuary 26, 2010

I bought this beauty at auction for $1.00. It's really quite beautiful (pictures don't do it justice). Vintage 70s, perhaps earlier... the glass of the bowl and cups (which can both be removed from the wrought-iron frame) are blown glass (? they have air bubbles in them) and the beads and leaves are glass (Venetian?) Bottom of the bowl has a sticker that says "Made in India." The glass bead garland is wired to the wrought-iron frame. Very nicely composed and never used... still has the original tag.. someone paid $54.99 for this, new.

My question is... what would you call this thing? It's obviously designed to be a centerpiece on a dining table... so an epergne maybe? The cups are meant to hold candles, I think. Any ideas?

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It is what it says it is....a table centerpiece with a glass garland made in India. I bought a very similar one for a gift a year ago but instead of a circle it was in a straight line. Cost about $40.
It's not old, the glass isn't Venetian and it isn't blown....but it's pretty if that color works in your house.
Linda C

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thanks Linda!

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