Please do not talk to us threw our windows

eeekMarch 14, 2004

We have an on going problem. Our condo is on the same level with our neighbors. But, the problem lies in the windows. Our kitchen windows are the first thing you see when comming up the stairs. I loved the layout at first.Until one day our neighbor desided to come up to our window and start a conversation. I said one second and went to the door. I continued to do so. I have even asked them to please not talk to us thew our windows. To no avail. I was cooking and the ladys husbend came up to the window and yelled,"Hey Girl!" I jumped out of my skin. I do not like them doing this. They also treat our bigger window as a display window in a department store. "Oh Look at the baby mom." Or the lady would stare at us thew the window on looking to see what we were doing. She has even called her husbend over to look thew the window. Another day she said,"Oh look at the baby,Come here and look." Her husbend replied,"Yep she is getting big look at her." I put up curtains.It is getting old fast.But now if our window is open they yell. Another time I was in the back of the house sleeping (Pregnet at the time) and the lady next door yelled my name. She said I was knocking and you didn't answer.I told her I was sleeping,it is something I do alot. This is something she has gotten in the habit of doing. Most resently. I was napping because the baby was so I thought, I will catch up on some sleep. Durring my much needed rest. I hear her daughter yelling threw the window at me. It woke me and the baby up. I went to the door. She said you didn't answer and I had to tell you something. That was the last straw. Since I would keep asking them not to talk to us threw our window. I put an index card up saying. Please do not yell or talk to us thew the window for any reason thank you. The lady asked why did I do that? When I woke I saw they too put a sign up...(I do not know what it said I didn't read it)UGGG Please help any sugestions on how to handle this.

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From reading this post I have surmised that you are a normal person caught among morons. Put signas all over the place that say .... baby sleeping ... family time ... get the hell away from our window .... can we have some privacy??? I know that it doesn't sound nice .... but these are crude morons. How else can you treat them but as nasty as they have treated you!!!!

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As long as they yell and you respond, they will continue to yell. If they do not see you, and they yell, just don't respond. Positive reinforcement elicits a continued response. Do not provide them with positive reinforcement. Let them yell until they are tired of it. If they ever ask you why you don't answer, tell them you did not hear them and it is best if they call you on the phone. If you keep petting a dog, it will continue to come and see you and expect you to pet it. These people sound like they are probably no smarter than a dog - actually, that is kind of rude to compare them to dogs - dogs are smarter.

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I agree with the poster who suggested ignoring them, they'll eventually get tired of it. If all else fails, plant a thorn bush under the window :)

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So you live in Cali.... you need the window open as much as possible. I would check into a screen that is a screen but they can't see only see out..
or tinted. or a film you roll on...even stained glass.
Static cling Easter decorations...change every now and then.
how about an alarm that goes off when a person is sticking his nose too close...or a arm that jumps out and punches with a glove on! Get an attack dog and tie it by the problem area. Have a talk with the offenders and tell them your man is crazy from the war and he freaks out if someone gets close and talks.

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It's THROUGH.... not thew


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Lots of good ideas here! How about a cafe curtain on the kitchen window, even a medium sheer will let air in but is not easy to see through, at least in daytime, and they are so easy to install. Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Neighbors from hell

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DOODMAN this isn't spelling class. And besides, if that was the only mistake you could find, then you better freshen up on your spelling too.

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I agree with andy1975. If you were my neibor with an gramer/spill cheek ever time I spk/rite to u I wood half ta hit ha in you face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a Life!!!

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did y'all notice that he misspelled "threw"? He left out the "r" that the original poster included.

Points out one of the problems w/ nasty notes pointing out OTHER people's problems.

I work in publishing, and every single time I've seen a reader letter chastizing the magazine for a mistake, the letter itself is FULL of them. And many times, they're wrong, to boot! (for example, it IS "chaise longue"--not chaise lounge)

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Get a big, mean dog.
Plant big hedges under your window.
Talk to yourself very loudly when you know they'll be listening/watching.
Finally, don't get a gun--but let them *think* you did.

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My nearest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away and there is a marsh between us...sometimes I really would like neighbors, but then I read a post like this and I can only say...thank God for the march!

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