loud neighbors!

jeenschultzMarch 8, 2006

I have lived in my apartment for about 3 months now. Everything was fine. The neighbors were great and we all got along. I could hear a baby cry once in a while but what can you do about that. People just moved in right next to us. The first night they were there they had rap music blasting. We pounded on the wall but I dont think they heard it. My fiance asked them if they could keep it down and they were really rude about it, so we went to the landlord. He ended up taking care of it. Now they replaced the loud music with yelling all hours of the night. We are going to talk to the landlord again today. If that does not work what should the next step be?

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The next step is to contact the Tenants association in your area and find out what the noise ordinances are in your city. You should also keep a log of when the noise occurs and what is done about it. Instead of calling or telling the landlord, give him the complaint in WRITING. If necessary, send it certified/return receipt. Make a copy for your own records. This will put him on notice that you are serious and not going to keep putting up with this. This log also establishes a pattern that will make a judge more inclined to rule in your favor if you need to get out of your lease early. There are noise ordinances and nuisance laws for a reason. The law states that you have a right to "quiet enjoyment of your property". Read your lease. It should have wording in it about noise. If the landlord won't do something about this, I would move. Your much more likely to get your deposit back if you follow these steps.

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Call the cops and report the "yelling" any time after 10PM ... it's a "disturbing the peace" offence in this state.

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