Roommate Memories

willamaeMarch 18, 2009

Maybe this is a stupid post..but: I found an old photo of myself and my old roommate from a few years ago. I sorta got nostalgic for the good times with her (sick from the bad times). So do any of you have a "best" and "worst" memory of a roommate?

Best: St.Patricks 2006. Her ex boyfriend got a trolly to drive around the city (Chicago, where we live). It was awesome. Maggie and I met so many people, got a lot of good pictures and of course..a lot of green beer

Worst: When she moved her unemployed, pot smoking, always crying, never cleaning boyfriend. He never paid rent. Never cleaned ANYTHING. PLUS he started cutting himself in our bathroom.

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Best memory - coming home from a date with a great guy one night to find my roommate had gotten us a dog! Worst (of the same roomie) - having her come home and just take over in the midst of a getting-to-know-you I was having with a neat new guy (they were from the same place, but forgot to get over it within a reasonable time).

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lucy: at least your roommate brought home a dog. Mine had a bleeding heart for any and all animals. I came home one night to an injured Pigeon in our kitchen. Needless to didn't stay with us long

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