weird ladderback chair coincidence

cslambertJanuary 16, 2012

So I posted several months ago now concerning a nice old ladder back chair I bought. About a month ago I found one that is constructed so similarly that i'm convinced these chairs are either from the same "school" of southern chairmaking, or were built by the same chair maker/manufacture during the mid to late 1800s. I've reseated them both in shaker tape, as their original seats were too far gone to save.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on where to continue researching these chairs and who might have made them?

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I live in 1700 farmhouse,lots antiques,but you have to decide how far you plan to go with antiques,if youre gonna use it everyday then yes it will need some work,but we have to live with these things too,so if its just for looks let it sit.If you use it fix it up.Now if it were like my roll top desk Id say leave it alone.

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Without a maker's mark, you are stuck. There were hundreds of small factories all over the US that made utility chairs like these. They were sold in catalogs like Sears.

They do appear to have been made either by the same maker or at least from the same design book.

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What is the seat material? Closeup photo?

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The seat material is cotton tape based on material used by shakers. You can see a closeup image of the material here

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