Using relax/recliner chairs within living space?

jkendMarch 26, 2009

Hi everyone,

I am currently using a recliner and other stuff from (great site for indoor chairs) for my relaxation needs. I was wondering if others have had success in multiapplying their recliners for say abs use? Lol I know it sounds out there but why buy something else that infomercials are selling when I can already use something I have. My niece sparked the comment in a dinner last week. Thinking of getting in shape so I thought why not get opinions on it.. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: sharing ergonomic store url for others if they want

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Just another spammer.

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Bad SPAM too. LOL

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Hi, I would say you might want to try the RX-500. They come in two sets and are perfect for your inquiry.

PS: To the people above wow, so rude.

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Thank you worldview and also for the generosity! I can see how others might be mistaken though.

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You are most welcome, by the way theergonomicstore was a good visit, thanks for sharing. A bit pricy but definitely cutting edge stuff there.

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