Dog jumping and running around upstairs

dumpMarch 28, 2008

I moved into a supposedly beautiful apartment, I asked several times was there noise complaints. I asked some folks living here too.

well I have a neighbor above me who's dog runs around and jumps on and off the furniture and beds late into the night and early morning. The dog stays in a crate all day.

I can expect pianos dropping on the floor through my ceiling between 5:30 PM till 11:30 pm then again at 6 Am. No matter what room I'm in I hear it. I have been here 3 months and I have lost my mind. I have spoken to the people, Thea re nice and know about it but it still happens. I used to hear them having sex till they knew I heard them. The guy walks so hard on the floor. They are nice folks but the buildings are built so bad I cant believe it. I can hear a neighbor snore next to me.

what can I do. I put pillows over my head, sleep with he TV on, ear plugs. I am crying all the time now.

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This is why I'm SO GLAD I no longer rent!

My advice: Move

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What breed is this apartment dog that it sounds like a piano being dropped?

Are dogs allowed in your building? If so why did you move there? The poor dog is in a crate except for "between 5:30 PM till 11:30 pm then again at 6 Am." I bet the dog is back in the crate by 7am when they leave for work. You don't complain that the dog barks, just that it walks and jumps and the humans walk loud.

If you are so sensitive to noise it is time for you to move, maybe a top floor apartment would work for you.

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I think I should have been told by the apartment manager that the people above me have a 50# dog that I might hear running around.
Yes they do allow pets here, I love pets. Im not angry at the dog, I am angry at the situation and the owners should take the dog to a dog park to burn off energy, they do nothing with the dog.
Yes the whole ceiling takes shock sound waves and the noise is a very deep thump close to a sonic boom.
I want to move yes!!! I was told when I moved in here 3 months ago, that the buildings are well constructed and the have no noise complaints.
come to find out, all my neighbors are complaining of noise from other neighbors too.
How do I deal with this for another 7 months?

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You don't, you get out of your lease, if not by the normal route of 30 days notice (possibly forfeiting your deposit though) or else even having a lawyer send a letter to mgmt telling them about the assurances of quiet. It's one thing to accept the usual noises of everyday life, but to be told it was quiet and then have the trouble you do is another thing.

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Dog are allowed in your building, and you knew that. Is there something in the lease that says how big a dog can be?

Maybe the landlord doesn't know the size of the dog. My guess is the dog is less than 50 pounds but any noise, would drive you nuts.

The upstairs neighbors already stopped having sex when you might hear. The poor dog walks and plays for only 6 hours a day. And you are complaining. You have no idea how lucky you are.

Ask the landlord if you can move to a top floor apartment.

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Yes, The dog is 50#s. I see the dog and have talked to the people as I mentioned.
I am complaining about the dog running around yes. I am supposed to feel sorry for it? I can and can complain of the noise as well.
Feeling sorry for the dog does not stop the noise!
I am talking of a noise issue here not a animal rescue situation where i should cry as i hear the poor dog running around. The dog is fine, healthy and well fed.

Thanks to those who helped me.
I hardly post in forums as people can really get ugly.

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I think Gammy was just reminding us the poor dog is stuck in a crate all day, and needs to run around some when the owner comes home (not after midnight or anything though). Does it go on for hours, or just intermittently for e.g. one hour? After all, little kids would probably be worse!

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IF the dog is really 50 pounds, you are so lucky that you only hear it from "5:30 PM till 11:30 pm then again at 6 Am." I bet that out of the the crate ends at 7 or 8am.

You moved to a building where dogs are allowed. Deal with it or move.

I feel for the 50 pound dog who shouldn't be in an apartment or in a crate all day and night.

Lucy you are correct, the poor dog.

Dump you knew you were moving in a pets allowed building and now you have an issue.

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LOL Gammy im sure you would be feeling for the dog while you were here listening to it thunder over your head and you were awakened by it while you were trying to sleep. I wonder iof your part of the management here. Your for the dog like im fighting witht he dog, this is too funny.
I was lied to about noise.Liers all over the world just trying to get your money.
Obviously you are closed minded about the issue at hand here. Its how to deal with he noise, not screw the dog. LOL
Good news, They are away this week and moving out end of the month. Yippy for the doggie!

We are buying a house in the fall and things will be great.

Im off, no need to return here to get answers from snotty people. Yep, see ya

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Dump, I also wondered why your post was construed as a personal attack on an innocent animal. Jeeze, maybe it WAS someone in management! lol.

I'm glad to read that the noisy neighbors (and dog) are moving. Also glad to hear you will be buying a house in the fall!

Please check out the Buying and Selling thread before you buy your house. Lots of good advice there.

Best of luck to you.

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I'd talk to the manager to see if there could be some accommodation in selection of future tenants, so you won't have to endure this again. However, I wouldn't expect the manager to be helpful, as you mentioned, it's all about money. If you don't think you can tolerate the potential noise and headaches for a few more months, I'd seriously have a talk with the manager asking to either move to the top floor till the end of your lease, or start looking for another place to rent short term.

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