Maytag Induction Range

DCJerseyJanuary 16, 2012

I am in the very preliminary stages of planning a kitchen remodel and have been browsing the appliance stores seeing what is out there. I have decided that I want an induction range. I'd prefer a cooktop because there seems to be a greater selection, but my kitchen just does not have the space for that.

I was in an appliance store the other day and was looking at one of the GE ranges. The store was selling it for 2600, and my wife scoffed at the price. I assured her that I had seen the same model offered from AJ Madison for about 400 less, which made her feel slightly better, but I think she still thinks that is too expensive. As we spoke, the salesman brought over a brochure for a Maytag induction range that is coming out soon that he said would be 700-800 less expensive than the GE. This caught my wife's attention and I think it is going to lead to a disagreement on how much we spend on the range.

Can anyone comment on the quality, reliability, and performance of Maytag ranges? This is the first induction range they have produced so I realize no one will be able to offer comments on the exact model, but some general advice would be nice.

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Maytag is a division of Whirlpool which includes Jenn-air and Kitchenaid, if they were going to introduce induction rages I would think they would do it with Jenn-air or Kitchenaid not Maytag or Amana

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I am 100% confident that Maytag is going to release an induction range. The salesman showed me a brochure and I did a google search when I got home. It is already on pre-sale at home depot.

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This is the first I've seen about a new induction range from Maytag.

Just guessing, but I reckon Jenn-air and/or Kitchenaid would rather add something to existing ranges (a zoneless range might be nice; whatever) rather than compete with currently available ranges at their higher end of the market.

OTOH, there is room to reduce the cost/price of existing induction features, and the Maytag brand would be good for introducing that.

That said, expect delays in the actual availability date for this range, judging from delays with all the others. It may also be wise to let other people get one first, and wait six months or more to read reviews before deciding. For example, there were modifications and improvements to the E'lux (control panel programming, etc.) within the first few months after introduction -- could be smart to wait for that.

So, this decision depends on your timeline. No point squabbling about it now; pick this and at least one other available model (e.g., Elux, Samsung, Kenmore, GE, or other) to consider as possible ranges. You've got time to watch and wait, then see how things look when you must buy. This means you delay buying until the cabinet guys need appliance measurements to start building.

Fer sure, if you end up getting the Maytag (or anything else), please let us know how it works out for you...

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The Maytag induction is very attractive, with a good price.

DC, we have a Samsung and are very happy with it. It does have an odd burner layout which the layout looks to be better on the Maytag.

Good luck!

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Dang, that is a good price and a nice layout. Any word about a slide-in version?

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That range looks very nice. I have a Kenmore slide-in that I am 98% happy with -- I do like my stoves burner configuration the best -- large burners in front.

I can put a 10" and 12" right next to eachother without reaching to the back.

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Good to see another big appliance maker starting to offer induction ranges. If the Maytag item has good buyer acceptance, no doubt Whirlpool will be extending the choice to all of its brands in the future as component producers build capacity and costs go down.

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I do like my stoves burner configuration the best -- large burners in front.

I'm more likely to have something with a long cooking time, like stock, on a large burner and I'd much rather have the smaller burners in front, which is why this one appeals to me. It all depends on how you cook, I suppose. If I had a large family I'd probably prefer the big burners in front, too.

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The other interesting thing about this layout is that the hob controls are on the flat surface, not on the back. The rear controls seem to be for the oven only.

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That is how our Samsung works, too. Touchpad for the cooktop, all theh rest is on the back panel.

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Any word on this? Did you buy the range? I had a Miele induction cooktop in Florida, but we had to move to Seattle for my husband's work. We are renting a home and it has gas which I have suffered through for 6 months. I bought a single induction hob, but am thinking of an induction range. Saw the Maytag at Sears for $800 less than Kenmore Elite or GE.

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Just got my Samsung induction delivered Tuesday. They have changed the 11" hob so it now will accept pans down to a 6" base (actually I have a 5.5" pan that works). They have a tiny tape in the instruction manual to correct the minimum size.I like having a small and a large hob in front. Hob configuration on the Samsung is a little odd, but we seldom have more than two pans on the cooktop anyway. Sears came out with the Maytag 2 days after we purchased the Samsung, but I have had terrible luck with Maytags, going back into the 70's when I lived 20 miles from the factory. Also, it appears the Maytag oven only uses the steam clean - from reading the manual, I did not see that it has the conventional oven cleaning available. It has a good price, tho!

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We are headed out to look at a Maytag Induction Range, model #8890AS that is on sale for about $1800, lower if you order it online as low as $1400. Anyon ehave this model and know how well the oven cleans itself - it does use the steam from what we saw on line.

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