Dolls Dressed in Costumes from other countries?

des_arc_ya_yaJanuary 19, 2004

Anybody remember them from around the mid 50's to early 60's?? I think I called them "Fab" dolls, but don't know if you had to send in money and box tops, or what. I've forgotten!!

I had several of the dolls who were small, probably eight inches tall, molded with hair and costumes.

My DM has NO recollection of any of these which means that she threw them all away when I turned 12!

Wish somebody would tell me where they came from so I'd quit wondering! LOL

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I had many of them in the very late '40's and early '50's but have no idea where my mom got them....wish I would have saved them!

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Thanks, Carol. At least I know I didn't dream up the whole idea! LOL

Anybody else know who made them or where we got them???

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I just found 7 of them I had saved. I was unpacking some boxes I had at the back of a closet and there they were. I don't have the boxes they came in but the dolls and clothing are in great condition. Are they worth anything?

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Are these the little plastic dolls with jointed neck, arms (at the shoulders), & legs (at the hip)? Open/close eyes, glued-on hair, usually about 8" tall?

You'll find them on ebay, as well as at antique shops.
They are up to $8 or $10 as a rule, but there may be some that go for more, depending on whether they have their original box, etc.

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Are they Madame Alexanders? The link below was the best I could find for these.

Here is a link that might be useful: Older dolls

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My cousin had a collection of them...she was so disappointed when she found that they weren't worth any more than they were. Then, they had a broken pipe in their bedroom and all of them got wet...that has nothing to do with anything, I just thought about it when I was reading about these dolls. She still has them, but they are worse for the wear now. I hardly have anything from when I was a soon as we were done with something, my mother would get rid of it. My grandmother gave me a little cheap scatter pin for a birthday gift when I was about eight. I cherished that thing and would just set and hold it and look and look at it....I grew up and it was gone. day this same cousin was showing me her old jewelry box from when she was a kid and low and behold...there was that pin! I WANTED it so badly, but hated to ask for it. time I just told her that if she ever decided to give me anything, she could give me that pin. Well, it didn't mean nearly as much to her as it did to me and she gave it to me. I have it on a little stand here on my desk. It is tarnished, but intact and I love it...Darn..all of that had nothing to do with

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LOL Yes it did, Maybee! I followed your whole thought process through the story. Don't know if that's a good thing, or not! LOL

Anyway, glad you got your pin back.

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I had a whole collection of these dolls. Some even had little paper flags from the country the represented. They stood on plastic, heart-shaped stands. I really loved them! I only have a few left and the elastics that held their heads and arms on has rotted so that they are all in pieces. I wish I could get them fixed and find the rest of the ones I had. Maybe I'll try Ebay, so if any of you have any, put them up for bid!

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my sister was the doll collector. i believe my mother was notorious for sending in box tops or labels to get something or another, especially coming from a large family. a lot of those dolls came from reddi whip (whipped cream in a can). my sister still has them. they were 6 or 8" and international. i think she has almost, if not every, country. if there are any markings on yours, let me know and i'll ask her if they are the same.


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I bought a set of those dolls and sold them. They were in perfect conditon and came from Blue Bonnet margarine. I missed them and found some more. They are not as good. Felt on clothes have moth eaten places. They don;t say where they are from, I don't think. Have them packed away but one of these is Blue Bonnet Sue. jjappleby

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What would I look for to find these dolls on Ebay. I looked once and didn't find them. jja[ppleby

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is this them?

scroll down about three or four items

Here is a link that might be useful: are these your dolls?

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This is an old string so I don't know if anyone is still looking at it but, I have about 50 of these dolls. They were my wife's. It is my understanding that they were aquired in the 70's. I believe that they were a Blue Bonnet Margerine promotion. The ones that I have are from different series. The different series are holidays, countries and movies, such as Gone with the Wind and Snow White. They had been a gift to my wife from her great aunt and have now been passed down to my daughter. Right now they are nicely packed away and in storage with me. For the right price my daughter may be interested in selling them, but I don't really know what their value is. I guess the question becomes at what point does dollar value outway sentimental value. If anyone has any interest or would like to discuss this with me more try my email:

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IÂm amazed the AD goes for $7.50! Who'd have thought? What about the DOLL?

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I have found a set of these dolls some are from various countries and some are astrological sign dolls... They are all in the original box with little heart shaped stands. These come from Mr Sales Enterprises and made in ATC Hong Kong. I would appreciate any information you can send my way.

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i had a doll dresses as a famous person

Here is a link that might be useful: sinus symptoms

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I had a collection (maybe 10 or 12) of dolls from various countries. We purchased a different one each week at Kroger Grocery store as part of a promotion. I have no idea what the promotion was about. They came in blue square boxes, maybe with a little pink on them,but not sure, with clear cellophane windows. The dresses were layed out in a cirle under the dolls. Mine were in perfect condition in the boxes, and we sold them (gave them away) at a garage sale during a short window of time when I cared nothing about them . I have regretted it for years, and would love to find the same ones, or at least see a picture to identify them.

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ihave a set from the reddi whip company. they came out around 73 or 74 and you got them by sending in the can tabs and some money. the ones i have are fairy tale dolls.

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My mother gave us girls many Storybook Dolls in the 40's. They were costumed, and so cute. Long gone too.

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I used to love those dolls!! I think I had a couple, but always wanted more~~things were not 'expected' back then. I don't remember the clothing coming off, or if it did, there wasn't additional clothing that could be purchased like the babydolls.

I see them frequently on ;o)

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Blue Bonnet dolls. I think my mother sent in the back of the margerine box with some money. I have a full set of these dolls. I believe that is 29 dolls. They are plastic, the eyes open, the arms move but the legs do not. The clothes do not come off. The dolls are about 8" tall. There is no stand for the feet. They are in the original boxes labeled with the name of the country they represent.

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I have a few. Is anyone looking for a specific country?

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