Section 8: Tenant having loud "Overnight Guests" , Report them?

Help3March 2, 2013

Problem SOLVED!!! Phew!!!

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And I believe that I should not be force to tollerate disruptive noise from "overnight guests" of a neighbor.
If the guests are Not authorize tenants in this housing complex, and they making noise, I think I should report them.

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What does your lease say about noise??? Mine states no disrupted noises before 9am & after 9pm., you should have talked to your neighbor first before calling the police. I've gone down to my neighbor twice already for noise at 5 am when she wakes up, next I will be calling the landlord to report her, I am also on section 8.. You must be careful with your neighbors, they can make your life a living nightmare!!!!

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I have talk to the neighbor, I have also called the police. They neighbor also said in front of the police and I that her overnight guests will be staying with her until they find a house.
Accordiing to the section 8 lease, the housing laws here are no allow overnight guests to stay for more than 14 days. Any guest stay more than 14 days must be report to the housing.
As long as you are getting section 8 voucher, you have to obey the contract that you sign. Because it is section 8 so every household members income count. And if your guests are there after amount of period, the guests will be put on your lease.
So according to this rules, I have the ground to complaint. And if the guests are still there after their limitation, anyone can report them to Housing Authority.

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While crying babies are certainly a huge nuisance in apartments, I doubt a landlord would evict someone for having a baby that cries. I wouldn't even bring this up. The police didn't do anything because, well, babies cry. It's not the same as someone blasting music loudly at 2 am. Most parents are trying to stop the crying, not encouraging it to continue.

It doesn't matter if the housing is Section 8 or not. Babies cry. I've had crying babies in the apartment overhead and I just dealt with it, because babies don't know that they are living in an apartment.

If you want to report this to management, I'd address only the issue of too many people living in the apartment. Many, many leases, not just Section 8 leases, have limits on the length of time a guest may stay in the apartment, without having to be added to the lease.

So if you want to report these people for being in violation of their lease, and possibly get them evicted, go ahead and tell management that there have been overnight guests in the apartment for more than 14 days.

But if your only problem is the noise of the baby crying, maybe you could use a white noise machine or run a fan at night to cover the noise.

Remember, at any time, a new baby could be born to someone already living in the building, and you will have no way of getting them evicted when the baby cries. Some noise is a part of living in an apartment. If these tenants do not bother you in any other way, couldn't you hold on for a few more weeks, in the hopes that the family with the baby will find a place of their own and leave you in peace and quiet?

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Thank you, I will report tomorrow first thing on Monday to the manager and to the Housing authorities.
And I disagree with you on this. Hope you know the difference between a baby that is a authorize resident in the housing, and a baby who is a guest.
If the baby is on the lease and is a tenant here, then I have no problem with the baby cries. But keep in mind, this baby is a guest that they bring over, this baby was never a tenant here. I will bring this point up when I do my complaint.
And especially there are rules in the lease that limit the amount of days they can have overnight guests, I have a ground to report.
If they want me to hear the baby cry, rather put that baby on the lease and became a tenant here, then I will have nothing to say. But as long as this baby is a guest with their mom and dad, then I will report them.

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You right, I cannot get them evict if the baby is BORN to someone who is a LEGAL TENANT here.
But this baby is an OVERNIGHT GUESTS. Who is not someone on the lease, that means they not tenant here. What rules say I have to deal with someone who is not tenant here making noise?
They getting section 8 voucher, they better follow the section 8 rules.

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I would have a little compassion for a family with a small baby which is homeless. Going to management might get them kicked out and then where will they stay?

This is not an ideal situation, but I'd talk with the tenant one more time and give them a time frame, say one or two weeks, to help their homeless friends find a place to live, before you go to the management. Even if that place is just staying with other friends.

Yes, I understand the difference between an authorized resident and a guest. But where I live, this time of year there is snow on the ground, it gets up to 25 degrees in the daytime and down to 10 or 12 degrees at night. I wouldn't want to be responsible for putting a baby out into that weather.

It's your choice. You can follow the rules. Or you could continue to bend the rules for another week or two.

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What a wonderful, compassionate person you are, Help3. If only the people who granted you Section 8 housing were as caring and kind as you.

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1) I live in sunshine California, the cold weather don't apply here. The neighbor of mine is Vietnamese, I am also Vietnamese. and I understand Vietnamese people very well. They tends to do undertable things alot, such as babysitting without reporting, and bringing people to live in their house without reporting. Cheating on welfares, lying on marriage to get passport to come to USA.
And this is NOT their house, it is Section 8.
I am not saying this family is doing undertable things, but I am saying if they sign the lease, they better follow the lease rules.

  1. Please know the difference between noise from an authorize tenant who on the lease that live in this housing, and noise from an overnight guest who is NOT on the lease.
  2. According to section 8, you sign the lease, you better follow it. Tomorrow I will call housing authorities and they will tell me the rules about overnight guests.
  3. If that baby want me to hear the crying all night, put that baby on the lease, it is her duty to report any guests who are staying overnight to the housing. If she don't report it, neighbors wil.
  4. There no laws say that I am required to listen to an guests who is NOT a resident here make noise all night.
    But there is laws that say limited guests since you are living under section 8.
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We can only hope that a family with infant triplets moves in near you.

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Why did you post here, asking for advice, when clearly you have intended to report the other tenants all along?

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coleenoz, aw thank you, i hope so too. in fact, i already have one.
there is a little boy next door to me, who is always running around, throwing toys in his house, every early morning cries and cries because his mom wake him up for school, and he still in his sleeping mood.
and guess what, i have no problem with this boy, you know why? Because this boy is an AUTHORIZE resident here.
Better than an overnight guests who DO NOT LIVE HERE, and are staying here use the housing property water, gas, and disruptive to other neighbors.
Finanlly Monday morning, couple mores hours until Housing Authorities open, and I will call and REPORT, and we will see who they will side with.

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You do know that karma can be a real b*tch, don't you?. And like draws to like.

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Loud overnight guests have left.
Problem SOLVED!!!

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Neighbor's loud overnight guests left.
Problem SOLVED!!!

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I found this while searching around. Maybe you should read:

"The tenant usually denies that the individual is residing in the unit and claims that the individual has an apartment elsewhere and is simply a "guest" of the tenant.

At a minimum, the O/A should obtain a signed/notarized statement from the tenant confirming that the individual is not residing in the unit including the understanding of the HUD rules regarding unauthorized occupancy. The O/A should request to know the "guest's" actual residential address.

The tenant should be required to provide other documentation to prove that the individual resides elsewhere, such as mail to their "real" address, a utility bill, a lease, a signed/notarized statement from the persons they are residing with and a signed/notarized statement from the allegedly-unauthorized individual as well. "

I will tell this to the owner tomorrow. And if the neighbor guests cannot prove they are reside in another address, that means they are being SHELTER. And if they are being shelter, they are No Longer a "GUESTS".
And if they not guests, it is easier to get them OUT.
I like to go by the rules, if they can prove they have a house somewhere else, then I have no ground to make further report. LOL!

Anyways, thank you for everybody time. There are rules that you have to abide by if you sign your name on it. Even the president have to goes by the rules. There no Free lunch, even welfare are pay by people taxes. Don't think you can allow to shelter anyone when you yourself are getting government aid housing.

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Neighbor's loud overnight guests left.
Problem SOLVED!!!

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