lcw1947March 1, 2005

Good morning,

It looks like we got hammered by the snow storm last night. How much snow did you get and where are you all located? I'm in the Adirondack Mountains.

Here's a question. Many of us have cars (I assume) How do you all work it so that when they plow they can do the entire lot? Last storm we had, I ran out early and cleared my car off, lots of snow before he came to plow, and moved my mothers car, also and one neighbors to spots that he had cleared so that the whole place would be clear. Made it so much nicer after it was finished. It ended up that everyone's car was moved with the exception of one.

Oh my goodness, it's so beautiful out there. It's just coming day light.


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just a note here so it will start moving on down.

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