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mamadadapaigeJanuary 16, 2012

I am finalizing my appliance selection... Am in the market for 30" double wall ovens. I prefer a sleek streamlined look. Glide out racks are a must. Budget is a concern. Locally there is a pair of Fisher & Paykel floor model for $2995. I have read good things here about Elux. I prefer the look if the ICON to regular but think DH would not pay extra just for looks. Regular Elux was $3200 for the pair. Icon higher than that. There is also a Jenn Aire pair for $2300. At this point I am inclined to go for the F&P but figured I'd say what y'all have to say.


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Shoot... Came back down to the store. The F&P is two models ago (blue interior). No glide out racks. And I prefer the newer handle better. Will likely go for the regular elux

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Not the look you want, but the blue interior ones are good ovens. Too high priced for the age, though, it seems to me, since those were out of production about 2 1/2 yrs ago? I'd choose F&P or the Elux over the JennAir.

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hi Rhome, thanks! I have read through many many old posts of yours and find your advice to be most helpful. In trying to keep my budget in check I am having to do mental gymnastics... if I cut back here then I can add more there. It's hurting my head.

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Sears outlet online has some of the Elux non-icons in various locations...worth checking into if you go that route.

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Ditto, Elux ovens, and as Anthony states, lotta problems with Fisher & Paykel ovens~~~~Do a Google search of Fisher & Paykel oven review.

Rhome was one of the lucky ones with those ovens, cept for the interior.

I always recommend single ovens, 2 single ovens if you need 2,
However if you Must do "Double Ovens", Wolf and Elux seem to have the least problems, alto some of both Wolf Doubles as well as Elux fail occasionally, but not enough to
"Hit The Radar Screen", here, alto Elux did do a fix and a redesign of their double oven around 2009-2010.

I've had the single >5 years now, completely trouble free, and the glide out racks still work as new~~~~~that is to say, "Silky Smoooooothh" and they glide Wayyyyyy out.
That's important to us as the oven is mounted below counter, but elevated about 6 inches off the floor.

Good Luck on your Hunt!!!!


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3k for floor model F&P seems high... i bought the elux double (non icon) for just under 3k brand new. (I am in canada)

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moving beyond the lovely mirror finish on the F&P. just love it but it doesn't make sense to pay more for something that could cause me problems. I am trying to afford built in refrigeration and a snazzy hood -- something's gotta give. The Elux will be just fine for me (unless Miele comes through with an amazing price vis a vis their architects and designers program which I have been approved for). Glad to get so many endorsements for the Elux here on GW.

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My F&P ovens didn't need service until they were 6 years old and it was just the top oven so I have never been without an oven. It did require several trips, but then again so did my Miele DW and I love that thing also.

I absolutely love my F&P ovens. I am in a large metro area so getting someone to service them has been no issue. I will probably buy new F&Ps for the kitchen I am currently remodeling. (I have a thread about that!)

I don't have a single appliance in two homes that has not needed service or replacement by the 6 year mark. Huge bummer!

Wait- there was a known issue when I bought my ovens that something broke during self clean so I self cleaned my oven a few times right away, it broke and I got it fixed quickly and easily under warranty. I have continued to self-clean regularly after that. I use my ovens daily for everything from convection, roast and broil. They are awesome.

Are you in a large metro area?

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If you're going for the glide-out racks, go test drive them. Kitchen Aid has them, but the ones saw did not glide nearly as smoothly as the E-lux. I never would have known that from looking at a web site.

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