old/ antique looking lamp

lisamarie1January 25, 2012

I have a pale yellow glass table lamp. it has bronze supporting ring and base. It looks old, and has a rose pattern etched into the shade and base. It lights at the base and under the shade. The supporting ring holding the shade up is a lace looking design and the top of the shade looks like it ruffles out. any help would be greatly appriciated.

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A picture would make an opinion possible....sounds like it might be an old oil lamp, but can't say much without a picture.

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Maybe "gone with the wind" lamp or a not-quite-so-old Colonial table lamp? You might do image searches for both terms and see if you recognize anything.

Karin L

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I'm sorry, but without a picture I don't think anyone can go very far with this one. You have exactly described a lamp I have I purchased in the early seventies from a gift shop. It wasn't an el-cheapo from a box store, nor cheap, but it was a reproduction. The light in the base statement makes me suspicious yours might be as well. Does it have a key to turn on the upper light (sits inside a chimney)? A key made to look like the one you'd lengthen the wick with? That's usually the tip-off it's a reproduction. Electrified oil lamps usually have the control switches elsewhere because the old key to lengthen the wick would have been preserved and be non-functional.

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