Need info about an antique/vintage figurine

whitney88January 2, 2012

I'm hoping someone can tell me more about this figurine. I recently acquired it from my father. It originally belonged to my great-grandmother. I'm not sure what material it is made from or how old it is... I think it might be Art Neuveau? There are no marks on the bottom but "1152" is stamped into the base. Ideas?

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What does the bottom look like? That number indicates to me that it's cast in a mold, but doesn't really look like that.
Tap it with your finger....does it sound like pottery or ceramic? Maybe bone? Have you tried to clean ut up?

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What are the division marks on both arms? The right arm appears to have some sort of grain structure? Is the figure hollow or solid?

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It is just exquisite and I love it. Yes, the very first question one should ask is if it is solid or hollow. It does look moulded to me, but it would have had to be done in several steps, with pieces joined and there is no reason greenware cannot also be sculpted to add fine detail. If I am not mistaken, I see very fine crazing on the arm, and there is certainly glaze present, further adding to the probability it is moulded and fired.

Just from the style of the hair and and the almost greco suggestion of garb, my first impression is also art nouveau as well. But that's just a gut reaction.

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