Psychotic neighbors/management/police wont do anything

candiceeMarch 20, 2014

Living next door to people in a condo apartment who constantly bang the floor and make loud noise against the wall that whole floor shakes, and since I objected to the noise a month and now they have escalated the whole thing, and even bang the kitchen walls from outside the apartment and even were banging the my door so loudly and had to call the police.

Nothing is being done about it as they are still making noise. it's a condo apartment, moved here 3 months ago and even notified the landlord about the noise as first I thought it was upstairs people and then he advised just talk to the property manager and the property manager sent next door people a letter. And, I finally called the property manager to ask if he sent the letter but he started yelling at me without even knowing any facts and apparently taking their side and then he said he'll talk to my landlord. Apparently the next door people had a lawyer draft a letter and send it back to the property manager and accusing me of harassment as I called the cops on them and according to the property manger they even claimed legal actions. The property manager claimed the "next door people have been living there for the past 15 years no one ever complained before." It's totally odd to me because when I had previously spoken to the manager earlier he claimed he wasn't sure who lives in the apartment and according to other surrounding neighbors the next door people are tenant and have been living there for 2 years only.

I even tried speaking to their downstairs neighbors apparently the lady downstairs said :she hears loud noises, etc and she spoke to the super," but her husband is mean and didn't want to get involved. it's hard to communicate with them as they barely speak English. And, the next door twist things and just blame me instead. They are four individuals living in 1 bedroom apartment, and I a single girl living next and who is harassing who now? And, very strange, how did they even manage to hire a lawyer they all live in one bedroom apt and barely speak English. I wrote an email to my landlord today but heard nothing back. He doesn't want to be involved, and my only option is to move out, but this is horrendous, how could these people are getting away with it. Since this condo has been empty for a whole year as it was recently bought by the landlord, I just rented it so no way to reference the behavior of next door people. I just don't know what I should do, and how can I retain a lawyer also if possible.

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Let me see if I understand the situation.

You rent a condo that is owned by your landlord. The condo building should have some sort of HOA, or condo board. The condo board has hired a property manager to run the place? Or your particular landlord works through a property manager?

The first thing you need to do is figure out the chain of command, and what the highest authority in the building is.

Also check into the condo rules and regulations about noise--how much is allowed, penalties for too much noise, if there are rules about who to complain to and who is supposed to handle the noise complaints.

Then, quite frankly, I'd check my lease to see about breaking it and moving out, because this all seems like a huge mess that you aren't going to be able to deal with.

But while you are looking into those two things, start to document every time the people in that condo unit are too noisy. "Wed, March 26, tv blaring. Pictures on wall shaking." "Thurs, March 27, woke up at 1 am to neighbors from next door pounding on my front door and yelling." If possible, get video of this. If they do anything that scares you, like the pounding on your front door late at night, don't worry about harassment charges--just call the police and if possible video them--at that point, they are the ones harassing you.

After a couple of weeks of documenting their noise, contact whoever is in charge of noise complaints for the building. Put everything in writing, but demand a face to face meeting. Give them your documentation and tell them that you expect something to be done.

Condos can be difficult--you have owners living in units and you have renters living in units. Some condo boards don't want to upset the owners, but don't mind going after tenants. On the flip side, they'll handle owners' complaints, but don't really want to deal with the renters.

And make it clear to your landlord that you are unhappy, that the property manager hasn't helped at all. Bother him enough that he will think it is easier to talk to the property manager and get him to do something, rather than just let you complain.

But really, I'd just try to find a new place to live.

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