Upstairs neighbor who nags!!

manny_March 24, 2012

I have a few questions if any of you could help.. My fiance and my two children moved into an apartment with 3 other apartments attached. We moved here in October of last yr. So the lady upstairs was an ex girlfriend of my fiance's old friend and she actually referred us. Now and for months now, anything we do, she complains about. And the thing is, we keep to ourselves and do not bother anybody and it's getting really irritating now. She used to complain that our chihuahua should not poop by the trees when we walked him on the side of the apts in the parking lot which are not even close to the apartments, and we picked up the poop ever time with a puppy bag. Mind you, she also has a chihuahua who she does not walk ever and just lets him run free and allows him to go potty in the backyard which we all share. (and she does not nor has she never picked it up). My kids had to stop playing back there because they would come home with poop all over there shoes. So that's one thing. Another is, she complained that our dog barked when we left sooo, we bought a cage for him and put him in it. She still complained, so we bought him bark off also. She still complained which there wasn't much more we could do because we both have day jobs and unlike her, have to work. She is on Sec 8 with no under age kids and refuses to work. She sits in her apt all day smoking weed and complaining. it really gets to me. So she called animal sevices and they said it is fine if the dog hears someone to bark but if it's consistant, then we can get fined. totally understandable, but he only barks if he hears someone. So now, we aredealing with people coming through our backyard and they are low lifes and we are trying to run them out of here but if my dog can't bark to at least warn them away, what can we do? This is just some of the problems wit her. She even complains during the early evening that my fiance needs to turn his music off in the garage when it is honestly not loud or untoleratable but since she is above us, she says the walls are hollow and she can hear it, so we need to turn it off. Now isn't there a ten oclock law or something? My landlord tells us to ignore her because she texts us and him constantly but I don't know if he is possibly playing both sides. I'm just sooo tired of this and would like some feed back of what others think or suggest. She even went as far as to call her ex and have him call my fiance and say I was up to something because when my fiance would leave for work, she would see me leave shortly after, not realising that I have a job like normal people. She just causes problems.

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Oh and one more question, if she is constantly texting my fiance at work and all day, is that not harrassment?? I am home some days and she see's my car and has my number but would rather bother him at work>> Does anyone know if we can do anything legally to stop all of this and will it even benefit or will it be a waste? We can't just get up and move because we signed a year lease. p.s. she has done this with our other upstairs neighbor and the front neighbor who recently moved.

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Surely your fiancee can avoid her phone calls at work, can't he? Is there a secretary or someone who could refuse to put her calls through? And can you change your home number to unlisted? These may be useless suggestions, but if the landlord can't help you or won't help you there must be another agency that can. It sounds like harassment and surely there is someone out there to help you with that. The police? Isn't there a fine for those people who don't scoop the dog poop? Terribly frustrating for you because it even got to me. Wish I could be more help.

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@ pink warm mama 1.. ~love the name:)~Thank you for your suggestions and yes it is very frustrating. She doesn't call his work but simply texts him non stop and he keeps his phone on in case of emergencies so it's constantly blowing up. I have told the landlord to ask her if she has an issue to call him or even text me or come downstairs and talk if I am home, but she refuses. It just really gets to me because like for example, the other night, my fiance's cousin came at 7pm to help my fiance put a starter in his car in the garage and by 9pm they were done. They came in the house to eat and right before 10pm, my fiance went outside with his cousin and started his car (in the garage) to make sure it would start before his cousin left, and she texted and said (the noise needs to stop). Mind you, he has a old corolla, not some noisy unbareable car. So then, two nights ago, she got home late and was upstairs on the balcony banging her dog gate around and stomping back and forth above us and watering her porch and just being really noisey till 11pm. Yet, we did not say anything because we don't wanna be the (you complain about everything, now we are going too) neighbors. But, it upsets me because she thinks whatever she does is okay because she has been here about three years and we haven't. Ugh. My patience are running super low! I called the PD to make a report about harrassment last week but by midnight they still hadn't come so I called back and cancelled because I didn't want to have to stay up all night and wait for them. I guess I just need to go down there and make a report when I am off. Well thanx again for your input :). I greatly appreciate it..

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About the texting--can't you block her number? Or at least set the phone so you don't get alerts when she texts? Or give her a silent ringtone? There has to be some way of dealing with the texts--call the phone company if you can't figure it out on the phone itself.

And do contact the police and find out what you need to do to file a harassment charge.

If the landlord says to ignore her, then he/she has given up trying to deal with her. So follow your instructions. Why the landlord just doesn't renew her lease is a mystery.

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Just a guess but I'm thinking the Mad Texter's lease has not been non-renewed because she's section 8. (Seems to be a split camp. Some LL's view it as guaranteed income/rent payment. Others view accepting Section 8 as a headache; occupant less inclined to take care of the place, eviction process is more involved, etc.)

You should check with your cellular provider. Or google "how to block text messages AT&T" (just put your provider name in search box). Though I've never used the service, I believe it's 4 numbers my carrier will block from their end at no charge. If either of you have a smartphone, I can't recommend YouMail highly enough. The free version. I won't rattle off all the features but one is Ditchmail. You can assign a custom greeting to a pesky caller to get rid of them, including a fax tone or "This number is no longer in service" just to name a couple. Someone was bothering me so I assigned a fax tone to be the greeting they got if calling my cell. Put a stop to their calls pretty fast. ;)

Years ago someone was harassing me, calling the house at all hours trying to get information on their Ex. I ignored their calls but it got so bad, including sime bizarre rambling messages, that I went into the police station to speak to them. They said unless/until the person committed a crime (like vandalizing my property, providing it could be proved it was this person) the police couldn't do anything. The officer told me to document everything; calls, dates, times, write down any messages word for word. (Basically whatever they do that makes either of you feel harassed keep a record.) He did tell me I could file for a restraining order request at the courthouse. Thankfully events changed & saved me having to file.

YouMail link below....

Here is a link that might be useful: YouMail

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was just going to post what moonshadow suggested...i'd go as far as borrowing a tape recorder to double check your furbaby's barking...usually dogs adjust quite well to crating unless provoked...hope you can manage to get thru the year...

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"She sits in her apt all day smoking weed and complaining."

Can you smell it when she's smoking?

Call the police the next time she does this and ask them to bring a dog.

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