Noisy Neighbor - Music....What to do?

joefrozacMarch 25, 2013

Hey all!

I'm 4 months into a year lease on my current apartment. The place is awesome and the complex is awesome. Unfortunately, about a month ago, I had a neighbor move in under me that blasts music quite often.

Generally, it's during the day and/or weekends, but it's most of the day. It hasn't spilled too far over into the night YET (however, he was playing music past 10 PM....which is quiet time according to the lease....on a few days ago). I've asked him to turn it down once, which he did. The next day, it was back on again.

It's mostly just loud, thumping base, but the other day, I was able to identify what songs he was playing.

Since it hasn't really (yet) occurred during quiet hours, do I have a right to be annoyed by this? Or am I being unreasonable?


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You could ask the manager or landlord to say something to him. I had a similar problem with my downstairs neighbor and the manager of this place told me to contact the landlord, nothing like passing the buck and then making me look like the bad guy bugging the landlord, so what I did was go to the woman on 2 occasions and the noise didnt stop, so I just starting making noise to disturb her and that was what worked for me. The terms in my lease are no excessive noise before 9am or after 9pm. Good Luck

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When you spoke to your neighbor before, did you make it clear that the music is always too loud, or did you make it seem as if it was just that one time? If the latter, then they have no way of knowing that it is bothering you every time they play music.

I'd say that if the music is loud enough that you can't do normal, everyday things in your apartment, then it is too loud. If you can't carry on a conversation, or hear the phone ring, or you have to turn the volume all the way up on your tv to hear it, then the neighbor's noise is too loud.

Since the one time you did approach your neighbor, they were nice and turned the sound down, I'd go and talk with them again. This time, tell them that their music is very loud and very easily heard in your apartment. Ask nicely if there is anything they can do about the base, if that bothers you the most. Mention that this has been an on-going problem, but it seems to be getting worse, i.e. louder, and even though it isn't quiet hours, you need to ask him to lower the volume during the day.

If you have a good neighbor, he will start to keep the volume down. He may need a reminder in a few weeks--it's hard to change habits and I think he's just used to listen to his music really loud.

If that doesn't work, go to the landlord.

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Regardless of what your lease says, most places have noise ordinances and you could call the cops.

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That's a hard one because some people just like playing music all the time, they enjoy it and if you went into their apartment it's probably not that loud, but because the walls are probably thin with no soundproofing you hear it.

I know the bass thing can be annoying. I had a young neighbor like this in an apartment I used to live in and he liked to play his music but, I hated hearing it. He didn't play it pass 10 pm or too early, but it played his music all day. I eventually moved because I got tired of going over there bothering him asking him to turn the music down, he was entitled to enjoy his apartment the way he saw fit. He was a pretty reasonable person when I did ask him to turn the music down a couple of times, but the music was annoying to me because all I wanted to hear was the birds and leaves blowing in the breeze. LOL. Conflict of interest, so when my lease was up I rented a small house. Problem solved.

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