candle holder and...vase?

alroberts89January 17, 2010

Just wondering if anyone has any idea of the origins/value of these two pieces. My grandma has had them for about 30 years and was just curious about them. I have no experience with this kind of thing... The bottom says trademark mod dep C.A.L lucca Italy and there is an imprint of 255 on each item. Thanks in advance for any info!

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A quick trip on Ebay found the C.A.L. mark on the set of ceramics on the site below. Looks like they are from the 1950's.

Here is a link that might be useful: C.A.L. trademark on Italian ceramics

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The left side piece does appear like a candle holder for 3 candles. The right side piece is a serving bowl, but for what, I can not say. My first thought was a fondu dish, but usually those have a source of heat to keep the cheese melted and this bowl has none. It looks too small and is shaped wrong for a punch bowl. Maybe its a gravy dish.

The medallions resembling cameos on the sides of these pieces may be diagnostic for identification.

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How large is the bowl? Is it large enough to be a soup tureen?

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Isn't it just a centerpiece? No one's going to make fondue in something like that, and with no lid, it's not a soup tureen.

I think it's made for decoration, although I'm sure people could put flowers in it. Or maybe fruit. There was probably another candle holder, as those things travel in pairs, don't they?

The shape is like a krater, kinda sorta.

Here is a link that might be useful: Krater

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It's a "Center bowl" and one of a pair of candlesticks...
It may be a "krater wanna be" but I wouldn't dignify it with the term.

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I don't think it is large enough to be a soup tureen. There is another candlestick but that one is broken so I didn't include it in the picture. Thanks for the links I am checking them out now.

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I could be a compote dish.

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Oops. I meant to write "It could be a compote dish." I am not a compote dish. Maybe I dish, maybe I'm a dish. Maybe I'm a ditz.

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LOL! Or all of the above!!
I don't think it could be called a compote dish....which is meant to serve 'compote"...a sweetened fruit.
It's just a bowl....could hold flowers or perhaps whole fruit or gourds, but it's not meant for serving from, but rather the sort of thing that goes in the center of a table between a pair of candlesticks.

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