Nit-picking tenant

superdupersuperFebruary 2, 2006

Hi everyone....I am having a problem with one of the tenants in my building. I am not the landlord I am JUST a But I am a great janitor..:)) I have been here for 3 years and I like it alot...there is one older woman in her 60's who nit-picks at everything she can think of...She even had me standing at my front door for 45 minutes to 1 hours every night for a month complaining about ..a drop of water on her tiles..or someone in the driveway is parked crocked...or there are to many people in the driveway that shouldn't be there.( we do have extra space for visitors) If someone threw bread crumbs out for the brids she would complain that the bread stinks??? She would tell me that the water leaks under her kitchen sink...I have checked it and so did my husband and the maintenance guy even checked it out and there is no leak. she has sent the landlord all kinds of letters and has been to the rental board numerous of times. there is nothing wrong with her apt but she is just getting on our nerves more and more each day...with all of her nit-picking...We have 12 month leases so we can kick her out..she has even gone so far as to say we are stealing from her. we are in the process of having her evicted..but Canadian Laws are so different from the US Laws...sometimes I wish we had month to month like the States. I think that this lady has nothing else better to do that to harass the landlord...and me..Last christmas she told me that she got fired from her job because she was mean to the other people in the office and that she never has a smile on her face..she got her warings...then she got fired.

Sooo..any suggestions??

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She's mentally ill.


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I seriously agree...Was just wondering..if she was maybe lacking oxygen when being born...loll

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Here in the US a 12 month lease is the norm, a month to month lease is usually the landlord wants fast money or the place is nasty and the tenant wants temporary roof or is a bad financial risk for a landlord.

I spent 14 years as a building manager. I was the janitor, the maintence person, the evil rent collector person and the friend all wrapped up in one person. I had a number of tenants like yours. I can tell you that when they figure out you won't take it they leave you alone.

The drop of water on the tiles, you didn't say why you had to stand at your front door. Wouldn't looking for drops on her tile be better done at the point where she sees them? Does she live under you and she thought it was coming from the ceiling? Why would you watch it if there wasn't evidence of water on her ceiling? You gave her attention.

Bread, tell her it will be gone by morning, no need for you clean it up, if the birds don't eat it some critter will. If you clean it up, you gave her attention.

Parking, tell her you are the janitor and can't watch everyone, not your job. At our building we had two assigned side by side parking spaces. One time I was busy thinking about something else and parked in the space my husband usually used, right next to where I usually parked, assigned spaces for our apartment, then I hauled the groceries in. Before I had the groceries put away the landlord was calling me asking me what I did with parking, tenants had called to complain. I said I don't know, he said you better check because they called the police. LOL

If she complains about something like water drops on her tile tell the maintence man. You are the janitor, not your job. And just know, some tenants complain about everything under the sun, including the sun coming in the windows. LOL

You check complaints because many are valid but you learn to just ignore the stupid complaints.

Ahhh, I have 14 years of stories.

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As for her keeping me at the door..that was her way of having conversation with someone...but with a little complaining the water...she says that when she enters into her apt..she will look around to see if anything has been moved....she goes into the bathroom on her hands and knees and checked for spots on the floor...As for the parking..she is an a-hole because people were moving in and they had no idea where to I would just clear up the parking when they are settled in. she was also complaing about the noise when the movers were here..I told her LOUD and clear...these people are moving in...not very easy to keep quiet....she also said that one of the workers ate her bag of chips...and was using her garbages bags..and vacuum..when in fact i was the one who gave the garbage bags and they used my vacuum....She is just a PAIN in my BUTT !!!!

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