neighbor with weapon in hand...

amaryllis52February 16, 2011 he comes to our door to complain about the kids.

so my sister and her husband confront him at the door but i don't know what was said but i know they aren't pushovers like me. so then they call the cops but he had hid the weapon (a sickle btw) in another neighbors apartment. the cops said there's nothing they can really do since can't get a restraining order against him since we live in the same building but we could file a report for harassment if he did anything else again.

this isn't an everyday thing with the running too, we sometimes take care of the kids during the weekend and i don't like them running either so when i hear it tell them to stop and do so after being told but they are kids and they like to run and play around.

i can relate to him since i hate hear them stomp around too and i'm upstairs (we have a 2 floor apartment). this was an issue before when my dad has stayed here for a while because hes handicap so he kinda has to drags his feet to get around.

but my neighbor supposedly has some degree of ptsd acquired from iraq war so hes sensitive to noises such as the stomping/running.

this experience has left me feeling incredibly uneasy now and i don't know what how this situation should be handled besides the cops saying "if anything else happens again we'll do something, maybe"

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Next time he comes to the door with a weapon of any sort, don't answer the door. Call the police. And call the apartment management. Let the proper authorities deal with him.

Do contact your management/landlord about this. You need to be proactive. Explain what happened; explain that you try to keep the kids as quiet as possible. Ask them what they are going to do to keep this from happening again.At the very least, they should be able to arrange it so that all his complaints go directly to them, and then they contact you, so that you do not have to deal directly with him again.

I would also, in your position, contact the police again, on their non-emergency phone number. Explain what happened and ask, now that you are calm again, what your options are if this happens again, and ask how you should deal with the neighbor if he shows up at your door.

Bottom line: no matter how noisy another tenant is, threatening them with a weapon is inexcusable. While I am sympathetic to veterans with PTSD, that is not an excuse to threaten harm to others. It is beyond the scope of this forum, but if his PTSD is that bad, he really ought to seek help for it.

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I agree with camlan - don't answer the door and call 911.

Use this as an opportunity to talk with your kids about what to watch out for an be careful. Instruct them to give this guy plenty of room if he's around.

Be careful, stay safe!

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