x-post KA pro-line food processor. Anyone own this?

deedlesJanuary 16, 2014

This is the beast that I'm referring to. 600.00. But, what a beauty. And, the reviews are outstanding. And it DICES! How cool is that?

My old Kitchenaid FP is probably 10 years old, going strong but it's second set of replacement bowls are getting a bit long in the tooth (can't get them anymore) and I've been thinking it's time to hand that one over to DD and get myself a new one.

If anyone has one, my biggest question is exactly how tall is this thing all assembled? I need it to fit under my uppers. Any other thoughts or input?

Here is a link that might be useful: KA FP

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I'm not sure but some time ago "cooksillustrated.com" had a review of food processors and they had an old design that they liked more than the latest ones. Not sure which but it was either a Kitchenaid or Cuisenart model. You have to be a member there to look so I will go to their site and report back to you.

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Well, I checked and they never tested the model you are considering. The most expensive currently available model is the Breville Sous Chef at 399.99. They liked that except for the fact that it chopped so fast that it was hard to stop in time when dicing food and they sometimes got mush. They liked a discontinued model of Kitchenaid ((the old 12 cup processor) the best of any they tested. Of current models thay liked the Cuisenart Custom 14 cup best. But it didn't handle dough as well as some and had a short feed tube. The latest Kitchenaid they evaluated was the 299.95 13 Cup with ExactSlice system. It was slow at most tasks and hard to clean up. Sorry, but that's all the help I have.

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Check Amazon for replacement bowls for your food processor. I was in a panic a couple of weeks ago because I dropped my bowl on the floor and thought it was broken. I discovered that they have replacement bowls on Amazon even though my food processor is probably fifteen years old, also a Kitchenaid. I looked at the reviews for the model you have pictured and they were all good, but six hundred bucks, good grief.

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I think the one I have now is the 12 cup discontinued model. It's been really great other than the bowls. I will check Amazon for replacement bowls. I know, the $$ kinda makes me want to throw up a little, but I do have a major chunk of it in gift cards and store credit at Williams-Sonoma, so my out of pocket would be painless.

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Darn it! After reading your post I found videos of this food processor, posted at Williams Sonoma. Now I HAVE to get one! It's how well it does dicing -- even tomatoes that toally sold me. Huge tub of pico de gallo in under a minute. The thing weighs in at 28 pounds though, so I think I'll put it on an appliance lift next to the prep sink and plan to use often.

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