Fish cookie jar

lora_inJanuary 11, 2010

Hi ya'll,

I mostly just lurk here & enjoy everyone elses treasures but today I have a puzzle for you.

This was my great grandmothers cookie jar, supposedly purchased by my mother in the late 1940's at McCrorys in Whiting, IN. The dates don't quite line up though & it could have been from Evansville, IN.

It has no no incised markings on it at all and any trace of a sticker is long gone. It appears to be made of cream colored stoneware type pottery.

I have been through every cookie jar and pottery book in the public library system & left the photo with 3 antique malls. Nobody has a clue as to the maker,wether it's a mid-west pottery or a Japanese import.

I've eyeballed collector sights online & check ebay from time to time, no luck.

So, ladies & gents, anybody have any ideas? I appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you, Lora

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OMG is that ever cute!!!!
I would look for colector sites on line....but you say you have looked at all of them....
But it's really REALLY cute!!!
Linda C

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Hi Lindac,
Yep, he sure is a cutie! The colors are inspiring a new paint job in the kitchen : )
For some reason, both my grandmother and my mother had tried to get rid of him, the final rescue was one morning on my way to school I found him in the alley on top of the garbage barrel. I took him with me to school & stuck him in my locker for the day & smuggled him back in that evening & tucked him in my blanket chest. He's been with me through my travels ever since.

When I bombed out on the cookie jar sites/books I tried all of the potteries, still no luck. I thought I might be able to match a maker by a particular glaze color or style but I just can't come up with anything.

Is it possible that it's an import piece? It really dosen't look like the Japanese post war style to me but I'm not a collector, who knows ?

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It looks American.....and frankly, for no reason...I think it looks Californian.
It's not one of a kind.....there is another one out there some where!!
And it's cute!!!!! Glad you rescued it!

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Fori is not pleased

Hey that matches the paint in my new kitchen! I have the green on the walls and the blue on the ceiling. Send it to me! Obviously I must agree that it's quite tasteful. I wonder why nobody wanted it. I suppose it might not have matched...repainting your kitchen for the fish is definitely the right thing to do. Good luck on your search!

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If you want to get rid of that ugly old thing I would be glad to give you my shipping address.

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no its not ugly,and it was in 3 generations...its called special.

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Step away from the cookie jar and no one gets hurt!

Seriously, the fish is not leaving my custody till my cold, stiff fingers are pried away. My oldest son has a liking for it & it will go to him some day.

I'm concentrating on the California potteries now, still have not found it but not giving up.

Fori, would you care to share the paint colors you used in your kitchen? We are playing tape the paint chip on the wall & not hitting the mark. Thanks, Lora

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Seriously, the piece is spectacular. I have never seen anything like it. Coveting.....

The redhead from Texas

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Fori is not pleased

Lori, if you're serious....I have Kelly Moore "Grassy Path" and "Calypso Breeze" on walls and ceiling and "Swiss Coffee" (white) on cabinets. It's perhaps a little out-of-fashion, but there isn't much wall and ceiling. I do like how if you get enough colorful stuff around, everything goes. I don't have orange (yet), but that fish would fit in anyway. :)

I suspect if you're in IN you won't have that paint store though! Here's the only picture I currently have of the not quite and probably never finished kitchen that shows the ceiling--hey, nobody ever accused me of being classy!

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Hi Lora!
I was searching the internet for info about a fish cookie jar I just purchased while in Bloomington, IN. I got such a kick out of seeing your post about yours, it is the same! I was wondering if you had sold yours, or had found any additional info? Thanks!
Karen in Muncie

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There are 19 Ca. pottery places listed in book I have & I know others. But they list several cookie jars for California Originals so I would try there 1st. But the might be a newer co. as make Big Bird & Ernie. Warman's 6th ed. page 81-82

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if you could post a pic of the base and one of the inner part of the lid it might provide clues even if it's not marked.

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well I found another that sold at auction. it doesn't identify it but it gives you an idea of the going rate..

From the way it was finished I don't think this was from one of the big name potteries. I do agree with California as probable origin and something like vallona starr or madeline pottery.

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I am so happy to have found this!! I have this fish cookie jar and have been also looking for info on it and cannot find ANYTHING. Mine was a gift from my father and mother to her mother somewhere around 1965 or so. I know it could not have cost much new because they did not have a whole lot then being newly married. They lived in Northern Indiana for a time, but we live in the Owensboro KY area so like you said, it could have been purchased around Evansville too. They all passed many years ago and it sat on top of my aunt's refrigerator until I got married and then it was given to me. I have searched everywhere and found another green one that I had to have and then I found on separate occasions 2 PINK ones-so I wonder if there are other colors out there. I'll post pictures of the pink ones in the next few days so you can see them too. I know I'm rambling, but I'll still keep my eyes open and pass on any information I can find.

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