Dishwasher cycle under one hour?

bec3January 10, 2010

Does anyone have a dishwasher they would recommend which runs in an hour? We have a Kenmore, but the cycle is very long, and we can't run two loads in an evening without staying up very late. We are renting a house with an old Miele dishwasher and while I really do not like the design of the racks, I do love the quick cycle. Thanks.

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Our 3 months old 800 Plus series Bosch has a 30 minute cycle they call "Party Wash" or "Quick Wash", depending on the display wording or the button labeling. The manual says it's for "Lightly soiled items with easy to remove food soils"

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I just checked my 3 year old Miele Optima. It has a short wash option that takes 49 seconds. The Normal wash is 2 hours and 10 minutes. The short wash is usually sufficient unless ya really have some caked on and really dirty dishes, -alto to be honest, I haven't tried some really dirty dishes on the short wash yet, but I will, "The next time the wife gets out the "Greasy Spoon" LOL


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I love my Ge Profile dishwasher. The short cycle takes 48 to 51 minutes including heated dry. It also has a top only wash which uses less water and since the basket lowers you can also put lunch plates in it.

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My DishDrawer (DD603, 6.5 years old) runs 56 mins for the Fast cycle. 38 mins for Fast Eco. I assume current models are about the same.

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In my Bosch DW, the short cycle for party glasses cannot wash regular day to day dishes. We tried it on our regular dinner dishes and the dishes all came out dirty. We do not rinse our dishes. We just scrape. The REGULAR cycle is 116 minutes. This is the shortest that we can use our daily dishes and still have them come out clean. AUTO and AUTO PLUS cycles run over 120 minutes.

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For my kitchen remodel, I am planning a commercial dishwasher for the 160 second cycle and high-temperature santizing. But they are expensive.

I didn't realize Mieles offer a short cycle. If anyone can tell us how well that short cycle works, I'd be very interested. I scrape and rinse before loading.

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OK wife fixing marinated salmon (Lots of sticky goo on it), im sure, along with wild rice. I will just scrape off the rice (No pre-rincing) and we will run the short cycle to see how it does. (I will scrape off the rice as I dont wanna hafta find and clean the filter on the Miele Optima)--alto I havent had to in 3 years now.


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OK we ran the short wash test. All I did was scrape the rice off my plate, I did forget to scrape the rice out of the rice cooker (It is a plastic bowl concern)
Wife says "You can't put those dishes in like that" I said, "Sure I can, watch me" I added, "I'm running a test for some ppl on the net" She gives me that "Oh Oh Genius at work again look"
Anyway the results of the test. The miele musta know it wasn't full as it recalculated the short was to be 45 mins (How's it do that??) anyway, Everything came out clean, the plates the silverware, glasses , even the lid for the rice cooker, butttttt--- there was still a bit of rice in the bottom of the rice cooker----recall I forgot to scrape that out.
So I would say, except for very dirty dishes, like the rice cooker, the short cycle on the Miele should suffice.


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Thanks for the info, and for the experiment with the Miele.

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I think its improtant for people to realize that, not only is it not necessary to rinse, they are instructed NOT to do it. Reason: newer washing detergents have an enzyme in them that requires there be something left on the plates for it to work on; otherwise it starts to work on the glassware. It also saves time, effort, and water.

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We have the KA KUDS30IVSS. The regular cycle is 1hr 15 min. I always turn off Heated Dry, and have found that if I wait another hour after the cycle ends, the dishes are almost completely dry.

BUT - if I just open up the DW when the cycle ends, and let all the steam come out (which interferes with the natural condensed drying the DW uses), almost everything except the upturned bottoms of coffeecups and other 'water catchers' is already dry. Everything is so hot I have to wait a few minutes before I can comfortably handle the glassware, in fact.

I've done a full review on the KA - you can do a search to read it - and we're very pleased with this DW. Flexible loading was important, as I do a lot of mixed loads. It's not fussy about what detergent I use, I've been trying different brands/types and so far everything has worked just fine. Fast, quiet, easy to load, and efficient, so this one works well for us.

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My KA (model KUDE60) has a one hour wash. The manual says it uses slightly more water and slightly more energy. I've used it at least a dozen times and it cleans just as well as the normal cycle that I use almost exclusively.
Like jkom51, I'm sooo impressed with the flexible loading of this dw. It's my most favorite appliance!

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If you regulary need shorter cycles because you exceed your DW's capacity for a single load, what you need isn't a DW with shorter cycles. You need 2 DW's! I routinely design kitchens with 2 DW's for even medium sized kitchen with medium to small budgets. IT's one of the nicest things that most people can do for themselves if they cook or entertain a lot.

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I use the China/Light Cycle on my KA and turn off the Heated Dry - it takes about 45 minutes and the dishes are spotless - pots too.

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