What 'collectibles' do you have?

klseiverdJanuary 6, 2012

Have a LARGE set of Stangl dishes... Fruit & Flowers... a few pieces with minor chips.

Have a large Watt bowl... big red flower in center with 4 green leaves... think only thing EVER served in it was spaghetti.

Have 2 pachinko machines. Saw guy on Storage Wars with a few and thought they were super valuable. Took them to a guy, was told one didn't work... so worthless?!? If I could figure out how to make them work, anybody can.

Pair of wooden Flexible Flyer SKIS. Got from Uncle and gave to sister to display at her mountain place.

A Windsor chair that HAS to be over 100 years old. Got it back in early 70's when people REFINISHED antiques... yup, I stripped it

Gumball machine... maybe from 60's, possibly earlier, glass intact and with KEY to open.

Old pocket watch with 2 keys... one to set time, other to wind mechanism. It has to be at lest 100 years old, too.

Brother has Civil War sword hanging on his wall. grandmother always said her Dad was a drummer boy and brought it home from somewhere... NO way to prove any of that.

Have a cane seat chair that's stamped something like 1860 on underside... no name or anything.

So, what do you have that you think is/might be collectible?

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I have some McCoy pottery that I consider collectable.


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We started collecting antiques many years ago,I have over 600 oilers,all kinds copper,brass,zinc,a civil war one,everything from hoover,ford,chevy,winchester,texaco,singer..all sizes from pocket to train oiler.
We have collection of pocket tobacco tins,little big books,all kinds crocks,dishes,furniture love antiquing...
glass figurines,

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Lets see, I have pieces of Old Paris, white Ironstone Platters, and Mulberry transferware. I also have many large old sea shells that I have collected over the years, and still do.

I finally got rid of my blue transferware.


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Red transfer ware, brass push-up candlesticks, 3 sterling patterns, stilton scoops, flint cup plates, glass child's mugs.....and old German and Polish Christmas ornaments....a collection I am acutely aware of right now...:-(....and it also seems walnut drop leaf tables...

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Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates & Royal Copenhagen mini plates. Corkscrews,& furniture..

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Enoch Woods red transfer ware, Blue Cambridge glass ware, lots of Elegant Glass (mostly collected by Grandmothers, but loved by me. Wish my kids enjoyed it. Marble wash stand...matching pieces have been disbursed among family.

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Favorite collection is my turquoise Van Briggle pottery, Also have a signed Limbert rocker with original leather seat, a Crocker chair, an antique secretary and chair with rush seat, many antique end tables that probably aren't worth anything, a boatload of Fenton glassware, a cabinet literally full of very old dishes from my MIL (she said they belonged to her Gr.Grandmother,and I don't know the value of any of it), some tin photos, and hundreds of hallmark ornaments. I think I need a garage sale!

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Mason's Manchu & other red transferware, sterling flatware in 20-25 Victorian floral patterns, silver hollowware adorned with realistic grape decorations, smoke bells, & salvege from antebellum buildings that I may one day use.

I used to collect men & bad habits (according to my mother) but age has taken care of that! Besides - they don't hold their value very well & can become quite boring.

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Aren't mothers great?? What your best friends won't tell you... and I take total license with my kids. Who else cares enough, I ask them?

What do I collect? Oh lord. hand made pottery, cutting boards, books... and that's only the stuff I can see from where I sit. And vintage maple furniture, of all the stupid things, as well as other old things made of wood. Getting started on lamps and lamp shades. But my greatest weakness is newspaper clippings. I cannot read a newspaper without keeping something in it.

Just thinking about it all is so stressful I better go have a drink out of one of my collection of quirky wine glasses!

Karin L

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LOL! Karin!! Come sit by me! I'll show you my wine glasses if you show me yours!

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karin.. would you mind showing a glass or 2? I'm thinking they might work with my corkscrew collection...

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I'm curious now.. Can someone show me their "quirky" wine glasses?? I'm always on the hunt for anything wine connected.



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I bought a lovely set of Haviland china years and years ago on a Chicago PBS auction because I loved the sets of Haviland that my maternal grandmother owned. It is a set of 12, with only a few of the cups left, two oyster plates, some serving bowls, and salt dishes.

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OK, will work on photo... it's not much really so don't hold your breath!


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LOL just curious to see what a quirky wine glass looks like..

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I only very recently became interested in antiques and collecting. (I grew up with antiques in the house, but I didn't appreciate them at all)

I'd like to start collecting something... glassware, tea cups, ..... but I don't really know where to start and how to spot what I'm really looking for.

For those of you with Fenton glass collections, etc... Where did you buy it from? Do you find it in antique shops, thrift shops, garage sales???

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You don't decide to collect something....it just happens! You buy something you like.....then see another, but that....and before you know it you have 3 china pigs, or 4 old ice cream scoops.....and it's become a collection!
Fenton Glass began before 1910 and continued until maybe mid 1980's. They made so many kinds of glass that to say you "collect Fenton" would be like saying you collect glass things!
If it's Fenton glass you want to collect, I recommend you start out by studying and reading and becoming familiar with the items they made....so when you do fine some at Good Will you will recognize it.

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No no... I'm not saying that I want to collect Fenton glass. I just used it as an example.

I guess my question really centers around where you find the treasures that you collect. I frequent thrift shops in my area... but it's all just so junky. Garage sales also tend to be pretty junky. Is it just a matter of patience and perseverance? Or are there some great ways to come across antiques and collectibles that I don't know of?

By the way... I am particularly interested in Crown Staffordshire china. I have a tea cup that I would love to find other pieces to match, but I can't seem to find out what the pattern is called. Do you know of any resources that might help me?

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Replacements.com can ID your pattern.
Yes thrift stores can be junky....but once your eye recognizes "good stuff" you will be surprised how much "good stuff" there is in the junkiest of places.
Study and learn....and you will be surprised at what you find!

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replacements.com is just calling it CRS124, but I've emailed them anyway to ask if there's any additional info.

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a lot of patterns just have a number....no name.

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Flow Blue pottery, exclusively Burgess & Leigh Middleport Non Pareil patten and Waldorf New Wharf patterns. I have over 50 pieces - it became an obsession for a while. My mother started me on the Burgess & Leigh when I inherited several pieces that she collected that I kept adding to as time went by. I love it, but have too much!

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My Bavarian china just has a number. Not very inspiring, is it? Could have at least given it a name. It was a real * to find a replacement cup. Only took forty years.

No, I have never set out to accumulate anything as a collection. It just happens. To qualify it just has to be old and interesting, preferably functional. My weaknesses are not frou-frou. They tend to be kitchen gadgets and pottery, tools.......particularly agrarian stuff. I was down in the cellar last week and found a single tree I forgot I had. Periodicals, and Victorian to depression era furniture. I like glassware, but try not to even go there because that makes the possibilities endless. I still have too much. And don't even ask me how I ended up with ten sewing machines.

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Quirky wine glasses, coming right up. Some more quirky than others, and I forgot a couple that are tucked away somewhere else, two of which are pottery - a flawed concept in wine glasses, in my opinion, but pretty.

As for where you find... I think it is a matter of luck as well as patience and perseverance. Just being poised to leap when you see something. Turning the steering wheel when you drive by a sign pointing to an estate sale or garage sale, when you see a thrift store you don't often get to... and heaven help me, craigslist! And sometimes, shelling out when you see it vs. when you think you have the money :-)

Karin L

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A bit of this and a bit of that ceramic/pottery :)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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I have a set of over 100 pieces including 12 place settings of O&EG Austrian china. It was my great Aunt's. These were made between 1899 & 1918.

I also have a set of Stanley Pottery Touraine Flow Blue china made in England. I have place settings for 10 and various pieces. This belonged to my husband's Grandmother. These were made in 1898.

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I have been into art pottery the last few years ever since I was given a small roseville pinecone jardinere. Here is part of my collection. I have a few pieces spread around the house also.

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