polish for sterling

bspoffordJanuary 7, 2013

What product do you like best for polishing sterling flaware? It isn't too badly tarnished.

Has anybody used the anti-tarnish strips that you put into the storage case after the polishing is done?



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cyn427 (zone 7)

I use Wright's Silver Cream-always have. My silver chest is lined with felt and I don't use anti-tarnish strips because I have never heard of them! ;). I do have some extra silver cloths that I sometimes lay over the flatware in the chest.

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I like Hagarty's. I was told by a high end silver dealer that you should always use a pink silver polish, as it has jewellers rouge in it & gives a better lustre. I have the silver strips in my silver drawer as we have a high degree of acid in our air & my silver tarnishes very, very quickly. They do work quite well.
I have a pair of silver cleaning gloves that I like too, they work well for a quick touch up.

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I also use Wright's. I just read an article (Good Housekeeping, I think?) that suggests placing regular, white, blackboard chalk in the drawer with silver to slow the tarnishing process. Cover the chalk with thin fabric like a hanky first.

The chalk absorbs moisture.


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I use Haggerty's as well. I haven't heard about the chalk and might have to try that. I also use the washing soda/alum foil method for my napkin rings -- shines them very quickly but unlike things that have been polished, they tarnish quicker.

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Thanks for your input. I read about the white chalk also.

Maybe I'll get both Haggerty's and Wright's. I could do a couple peices of each at the same time and see if one helps prevent tarnish better than the other.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Great idea! Scientific study-let us know what you think!

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I prefer Hagerty's Silver Foam, but Wright's is more readily available locally. There used to be a store called Hagerty's where I grew up, and I think (IIRC) the polish was originated by the same company. I'll be interested to see your comparison, as my preference may have been dictated by family tradition, not recent experience.

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My favorite metal cleaner/polish (including sterling silver) that I've not seen mentioned on the forum is MAAS. I think it's fantastic and multi-purpose, always a good thing to me because I don't like single use things. My favorite part of MAAS's performance is the lasting protective finish it leaves. If you use MAAS you'll have to polish the sterling less frequently. I first started using it not for my sterling but for my copper cookware. Cleaning flatware is a cake walk compared to polishing skillets! A jeweler friend recommended it to me and I've not looked back.


Here is a link that might be useful: MAAS

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I had some of that, but DH liberated it and I've not seen it since. I was going to try it on copper.

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So, I haven't made a trip to the Container Store to get some Hagerty's, but I planned to go today after I went to this estate sale. As I walked through, I noticed the sale had a LOT of sterling and silverplate serving trays, bowls, etc. There were three shelves in the garage with cleaning products I thought there should be some silver polish in the bunch, but no. In the last room I spotted a taped together bunch of Hagerty products; silver wash, bags for hollowware made of silver cloth, and a drawer insert that sits inside a silver cloth bag that I planned to buy at the CS on my next stop. It all had the price tags on it, was less than half of the retail price of $135.00, and 25% off to boot! So, next week the experiment begins!!!


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Cool. Will be waiting for your results!

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I'll be waiting too!

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Great find, Barbara! What serendipity...found on the way to the store! I think a lot of people would be interested in your results.

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If one uses one's flat silver daily, it will not require cleaning as often.

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Even so, one still needs to polish, on occasion.

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I talked to a person at one of the major American sterling manufacturers and they suggested using your silver all the time to avoid damage or wear by polishing. When you polish, use a new part of the cloth whenever you see the dark tarnish spots on it. Tarnish will damage the sterling if you keep polishing with the dirty place on the cloth. Hagerty is the most gentle and after that Wrights but gentle handwashing with a non lemon soap and dry with a very old soft towel is best of all. Remember not to submerge hollow handled knives or serving pieces. I give my forks and spoons, etc. a dunk in hot water just before toweling them and they dry right away. Make sure they are fully dried before putting them away. A canister of water absorbing crystals in the cabinet or drawer makes the anti tarnigsh strips do the job better.

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Polish once, wash, dry completely, and put your silver flatware away in zip-loc freezer bags. Modern bags don't have chemicals in them that mark silver and museums now store their collections away in zip-loc.

I've been using this method for the last 8 years or so. It makes using sterling so easy.

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