19th Century Brass Chandelier

otownfiveJanuary 31, 2011

What can you tell me about this Brass Chandelier? The hanging brass counterweights are around 7 lbs each. On one picture you can see what I think is the kite mark which should put it mid-1800's.


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I don't see any kite mark....and if it is there that would put the piece at no earlier than 1903....and most likely much later. It's usually used on things much different from your chandeliers...and it looks like it could be American? Why do you think it's British?
I think it's bronze not brass, likely earliest years of the 20th century, gas.....and very very lovely.
Is it yours? Do you plan to electrify it?
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: chandeliere

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I didn't intend to claim it was British. The kite mark comment was only a guess. On two of the arms there are diamond shaped etchings that are faint. I read about kite marks and took a guess. I agree it is American. I was told it was hanging in the original union depot in St. Paul, Mn which burned caught fire in 1915. It hangs in my house now.
I guess it could be bronze....that's the info I'm looking for.
If you zoom in on the first picture on the first scallop you can see the diamond shape on it... The same diamond shape is on two of the four arms in the same location.
Also, it already has electricity through it with working lights.

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Diamond registration marks date from the first mark, 1842-1867
second mark, 1868-1883. I see nothing in the pics that indicates to me that it is english. It looks american, earlier than turn of the century, possibly 1870-1885, gasolier. I have zoomed in as close as I can & can't see a diamond registration. If you can post a pic of it, I can date it for you.

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Hmmm.....I see the mark you are talking about....it's not the kite mark nor is it the earlier British registry mark that mfrog mentions.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitemark

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I'm just looking at the design, the castings and shape of the arms and it's telling me that it is Art Nouveau or William Morris ... my best guess would be that it's 1900-1915

It's really PRETTY!!!!

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