Mouse In My Apartment - HELP!!

bwyjewelFebruary 8, 2006

I live in a 3-family house and I rent the top floor of the house. I've had a little brown mouse in my kitchen for weeks and I can't seem to get rid of it. Let me add that I have baseboard heating throughout the apartment. I have a bamboo stand in my kitchen in front of the baseboard heater which I never use. I've seen the mouse run under the bamboo stand and also jump into the baseboard heater. I've set glue traps, snap traps, no-see glue traps and even peppermint oil on cotton balls. Nothing seems to catch it.

I CANNOT afford an exterminator and my LL is very elderly and she probably won't pay for one and I can't even afford to split one with her. I feel like I have a pet with me it's been here so long. My roommate is just as terrified as I am to go near it. We're a bit leary to use the poison pellets - then we'll have a dead mouse in the walls.

Any suggestions on how to trap this creature?

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I've also found mouse dropping in other rooms (they look like caraway seeds found in rye bread, right?) and I don't like the idea of one crawling into my bed at night. I get the creeps even thinking about that.

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I feel for you--wouldn't like a mouse in the house, either. They won't really hurt you, but they can cause damage by gnawing stuff. They have politically correct traps so you can trap them, if you don't want to hurt them. Otherwise, used D-Con. Works great and they don't die in your house. (Or so I've heard.)

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Try a trap with peanut butter on it. We had a mouse in our last apartment, called the management office and they sent the maintainence guy with traps. He smeared some peanut butter on it, set it, put it in the cabinet under the sink, and about 30 seconds later , no more mouse.

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We tried the peanut butter and even cheese in the traps already and they didn't work. One day, the mouse got stuck on one of the glue traps and was able to get unstuck.

Any other suggestions?

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Borrow a cat.
Linda C

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I guarantee this will work....

I have used this trap for years & it never fails to catch the mouse.

The "kwik Katch" trap

I "Borrowed" one from work long ago & it worked so well.... I decided to keep it.

It works extremely well. It is basically a plastic box with a tunnel ,a springloaded revolving metal scoop , and a holding compartment.

You place the trap along a stretch of wall that is devoid of other cluttered items (you must place it with the tunnel closest to the wall). The mouse runs along the wall baseboard, thru the tunnel & he gets thrown into the compartment. Wallah! Caught!

Mice dont like being out in the open... it makes them feel vulnerable... they prefer to squeeze into tight places & feel safe under cover. The tunnel inside the trap relies on the mouse's natural tendencies.

It will last a lifetime, has no bait & can catch several mice a day without having to be reset. But I suggest checking the trap at least once a day, because a mouse can die within 2-3 days without food & water.

The only thing I dont like about the trap is that it catches them alive.... then you have to do the dirty work yourself. If you dont want to then you can let them starve by leaving it in the trap (it takes only 2 or 3 days), but then you must clean urine & feces from the trap.

I used to live in an old farmhouse & mice always became a problem when it got cold. I used all kinds of traps from the glue trap to the conventional mousetrap. And some of them worked but not usually very quickly.... none worked as fast as the kwiktrap. Almost always within the first day ...& one time within 3 hours.

Remember to place the trap along a baseboard that is not very cluttered.

Also.... be sure to put the trap in a box (or wind down the spring) after you are done catching all the mice..... I put the trap in a closet after I was done with it & it caught another mouse & I didnt know it had til I smelled a foul odor & by then.... YUCK!

Happy hunting!

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This worked for DH at his mother's lake house: take a regular trap and put peanut butter on the little thing that hold the food. Then (this is the trick) take a piece of Saran Wrap (any clear plastic wrap) and cut a tiny piece and wrap it around the peanut butter. The idea is they have to pull the wrap off to get the peanut butter, which triggers the trap. Set all the traps in the package (usually 2-4) and put them along baseboards where the mouse might travel.

If that doesn't work borrow a cat.

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this isn't really what you're asking about, but after i've read here about all these confinement traps, i've got to ask you a favor on behalf of the mice, and our own humane and benevolent natures.... if you go for any of these non-instant killing traps, please include some sort of fast-acting poison or check the traps regularly (and kill any mice you find in them....if you need instructions on this, i can make some suggestions, but they're not pretty, so you'll probably just want to include some poison-laced peanut butter). i am not trying to say mice are cute and cuddly, and i am totally on your side that you must get rid of them, but it's very cruel to let an animal die slowly of starvation and thirst, whether confined to a cage or stuck to one of those glue traps (i find those particularly heinous in that the mouse is in a panic for hours or days at being restrained, and in addition is slowly starving....). i work in medical research using mice, and despite the bad rep that science has for keeping animals in cages and administering drugs, i would never let a mouse die as uncomfortably as they do in most household traps. we would have to fight a long battle with very good reasons to get approval for any kind of experiment that would put a mouse through that much discomfort. in fact, when we find a mouse in the glue traps at work (left by the maintenance dept. not the researchers), i kill them right away. the maintenance dept. might come and empty the trap by the end of the day (and even then, the trap plus the still-breathing mouse is just thrown into a bag!) anyway, that's just my two cents. i hope one of the trap suggestions works to actually trap the mice, but i hope you'll be humane to the vermin. at the point where you've go them trapped, you've won, after all -- give them just a tiny bit of consolation...

my favorite option offered so far is to borrow a cat for a week or two. you'll get rid of any stupid mice (and the cat will have a good time) and most of the mice (the smart ones) will find your apartment a bit inhospitable with the smell (not the kind of smell humans would be bothered by necessarily!!) of a cat around. should probably linger for awhile after you return the cat.

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I have read posts elsewhere on these forums of people who used those sonic deterrent things that you plug in.

Getting a cat worked wonders for me in a 1921 apartment bldgs in NYC--I *know* we didn't get rid of any mice; there must have been thousands living in the walls. But I never saw or heard another one after I got a cat.

But, a cat isn't cheap, either.

I never worried about them getting in bed w/ me--they won't want to climb up, actually.

Moonshine, would you like to give us some concrete tips about how EXACTLY someone would swiftly kill a mouse in a trap? It's a nice suggestion, but exactly HOW should someone kill the mouse?

I used to kill mine by hitting them in the head w/ a piece of wood--but it got really hard to do after the first 8. Then, I put a piece of newspaper over them and hit the lump, but I wasn't as sure of my aim, and it took a few blows.

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Our cat nosed out the fact that mice were running around behind our refrigerator and a few other places. We got one of the "Havahart" traps, baited it with peanut butter, and caught 4 mice within about a week. We took them out to some woods a few blocks from our house and let them go. It seems the mice have retreated to the bowels of the house where they usually hang out, because we haven't seen signs of them after we caught that last one. I know they are going to be in our house somewhere; as long as they stay out of the main living areas, it doesn't really bother me. About once a year, they seem to surface, but the cat scares them back into hiding.

I did read somewhere that you have to be careful with the live traps in that if you catch a nursing mother, her babies will die in the wall or wherever and that could be a problem. But we haven't noticed any bad smells or anything.

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I've always had the impression that mice are so small that they don't smell much or for that long. pleasant thought, huh?

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Especially the baby ones.

I was looking for something on a little-used shelf near the washer/dryer in our basement last year, and had to stand on a chair to do so. When I got up there, there was a dead, dessicated mouse on the edge of the shelf. !!

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My friend found a dead dessicated bat in a chair in her living-room. She had no idea how it even got into the house. Creepy, thInking how several people must have SAT in thE chair with the corpse.

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I agree with Linda C. Borrow a cat. Not all cats like to chase mice though, so talk to some friends or people at work and see if someone has a cat that loves to chase mice. Cats are relatively easy to care for and it might be worth it to borrow one for a week or two.

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I have a mouse in the house, heard is scurrying, spotted it a few times rarely.

Terribly, the other day I went to my washing machine that I hadn't used for a bit and three mice bodies were in.

The one in the house one time went on a rampage racing around a room noisily and really fast, barely saw it.

I put out a trap to catch it with cheese in it, and it hasn't worked, planning to catch it and release it.

I hear him scurrying in the kitchen as I type this. Yuck.

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