neighbor's son is turning off the fuse box outside

corcyn80February 9, 2013

I live in an apartment and my neighbors son has turned off the power to my apartment twice. The first time he did it I notified my Landlord and he said there was nothing he could do about it. And today the second time he did it I called the police. Is it against the law to mess with the fuse box? Should my neighbor be evicted for tampering with the electrical units? And last but not least why has my landlord done nothing about it?

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A fuse box is located within the apt. He is shutting off from the main electric panel into the building ? You need to call you electric company explain the situation and have them secure it. Your LL is an idiot, but you know that.

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It's possible that the fuse box is located outside the apartment. My brother once lived in a house that had the circut breaker box located on the outside wall. It seems strange to me, for exactly the reason the OP gives--nothing to stop someone from coming along and turning the power to the house off.

OP--contact the electric company and see if they can put a lock or something on the box. If not, contact the landlord and give him the choice of locking the box (if that is allowed by code) or paying to move the box to inside your apartment. It can be done, but it will cost the landlord money.

If the landlord refuses, I'd point out that this is a flaw he knows about and has control over. Any damages to your belongings, such as food in the freezer that defrosts because the power is out, could very likely be his responsibility. Or if your electric bill rises sharply, because the power went out before you left home, and you forgot to turn off the air conditioner or something--again, you could probably take him to small claims court over the cost.

I'm curious as to what the police said?

It might not be possible to evict your neighbor because of her son's actions. How old is the son? And eviction can take months, depending on your state's laws.

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Outside electric panels are conman in some areas often out west but not in the north east due to the weather and such. I agree your landlord is an idiot for saying he can do nothing. he needs to speak to the neighbor if they are his tenants also and tell the mother and the child that this is not acceptable and it can not continue. I do not know how old this child is but I am sure he is old enough to understand why he should not be tampering with your utility services.

Being a Landlord myself I would not let this go if I got a complaint like this. what I would do would be to talk to the parent and child let them know the reasons why we don't do this and that its not funny because your food could get ruined and I would state that if the kid turned of you power and that happened they had to pay to replace anything damaged not me. Then if the kid did it again I would send a written warning that they are breaking there lease by doing this because my lease says that renters are not to harass annoy or do anything to deny other residents reasonable peace and enjoyment. by turning of your power at random you never know if the lights will go out on you or you come home to a fridge of spoiled food and that is no way to live so they would be warned that I may not continue there lease if this continues and my leases are all month to month so I can tell them they got to go on 30 days notice here. And the local laws with not protect them from being evicted in in PA since the lease is up every month and will renew until either party says it don't anymore upon notice.

I learned this when I had a tenant harbor a fugitive in my rental in the same building I lived in. the marshals came in on me at 5am and cuffed me looking for him not her place. I didn't trust her and wanted her out but couldn't evict as long as the year lease wasn't up and she was paying her rent, she did stop paying and I got her evicted but your landlord may not have this kind of lease or laws in your area might limit what can be done

you are defiantly being disturbed and it needs to stop.

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