Noise From Elevator

neoadorableFebruary 6, 2006


about three weeks ago, yours truly moved to a new place in an older walk-up. now, i knew the elevator was just around the corner, but what wasn't known is that it's right next to the kitchen wall and that every time it's called or stopped there's this enormous mechanical boom coming through the walls.

it's enough to wake me up at night, and of course to generate stress and suffering. i believe many people here can sympathize.

any experience with this? cna i call the city and see if this will void my damned lease?

thanks for listening!

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i can hear the elevator that's on the wall across the hall from me. i lived here for two years without really noticing it -- it was like the street noise from below, just kind of blended in and didn't bother me. for about two months recently, though, the elevator *really* started bugging me and i cursed everyone's arrival home :). it was soooo noisy. I kept thinking that it couldn't always have been so noisy. and then i saw repair guys finagling with it one day, and it hasn't been bothering me so much anymore. so my theory is that there was an increase in the noise that was causing it to bother me due to some sort of disrepair and now that it's been fixed, it has gone back into the background. is it possible that there's something wrong wtih your elevator that makes it so noisy? does it make that boom on every floor? if this doesn't help solve your problem, i sympathize -- there are plenty of noises besides the elevator at my place that haven't managed to "blend in."

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You will probably get used to it. Most times I move I hear a new noise that bothers me for a few weeks. When I moved out of my apt the House I bought was a block away from the rail road tracks. Train bothered me for a month. House I live in now is completly quiet and that bothered me the first week :)

It wouldn't hurt to call maitnence and the LL. Perhaps if the noise stays the LL will let you move to a different apt. in the building.

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I'd certainly call the LL and tell them it's making a HUGE amount of noise, and have they had it checked or serviced lately?

Then, if you can't adjust, you can lay the groundwork for "violation of right of quiet enjoyment"--if it truly wakes you up at night, you can perhaps break the lease, but you need to lay down the evidence--registered letters, perhaps, and official notice, etc.

Our elevator grinds, etc., and my dad, when he visits, has to make a comment every time. But I never hear it.

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hey guys thanks for replying!!

moonshine, yes, it makes a noise every floor and if there's any significant weight on it the noise gets worse. i'm sorry to hear you have had the same issue, but glad yours was somewhat alleviated. the LL was informed and says he'll get someone to look at it, but he was also supposed to hook up my intercomm/put my name on the mailbox over two weeks ago...the city likewise advised talking to him before taking legal action.

i'm positive there's something wrong with it, probably shoes/stops and he's just the typical LL, i.e cheap and uncaring.

anyway, not wanting to offend, but how can you live next to the tracks? i guess some people don't mind it tho just like for me planes overhead are no biggie at all.


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