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dawnaFebruary 7, 2006

Hi all. I am moving into an apartment for the first time ever. I have always owned a home and never had to share walls and floors with others. I found a great apartment and I am really looking forward to simplifying my life BUT I am so concerned about the noise around me. More specifically, my dog.

Now, I must make you aware that I treat my dog like my son and I am so happy I found a place that accepts pets. But he sometimes cries - especially when he gets scared with me not around - and it can be somewhat loud. He is a Cocker Spaniel and they are known for their bouts with tears! He is such a sweetheart but I know he is going to be a bit freaked because we will be living in a new place and in a new city (moving from Louisville, KY to Tucson, AZ). I am so afraid that I will have neighbors that will complain about him crying and there is nothing I can do about it.

My first thought was to "bribe" them at move in. I like meeting neighbors anyway and I was thinking about making baskets of homemade bread or cookies to give to them.

What are your thoughts? And, while we are at it, any other advice or foresight you have would be much appreciated. This is all so new to me!!

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dawna, I don't have pets so this may be lame, but do you think if you left the TV or a radio on, it would help your dog from being lonely?

Hopefully, the walls may be thick enough to buffer the noise. You might just want to knock on your neighbor's door and introduce yourself and explain the problem. Ask them to let you know if it's bothersome.

I don't have much more experience than you as far as renting, but we're about to move from our home to an apartment, also. I wish us both luck!

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Thanks so much Patti! That is a good idea - I will talk with my neighbors about it (along with bringing a yummy treat). Jackson is unfortunately not fooled by TV or radio - if Mommy isn't around, he is worried. Bless his heart. He is such a Momma's boy!!

Thank you for the advice and good luck on your move. When are you moving? I am moving next week (Feb 15) it is a 3 day drive. Uggh! And I now realize how much I do not like packing!!!

Good luck with your new apartment and thanks again!!

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Dawna--It sounds like an exciting move for you. Mighty brave, I might add. Do you have relatives/friends in Arizona? We have lots to do before we move. DH has a procedure and a surgery coming up before May and we have to sell our camper in the mountains first. I figure mid-summer (Florida's hottest times--that's where we live).

I wish you good luck and Godspeed. Write back when you move in and let us know how you like it. Have a safe trip!

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Hi Patti. Thanks for the message and the warm wishes. I don't know about being brave - maybe crazy. I am actually moving there because I met my soulmate who lives there. Crazy huh? We met 2 years ago through work (I travel a lot) and have been talking on the phone and visiting each other for 2 years. I decided to move there to be closer to him. But I am a very independent person and felt that, instead of moving in with him, I should get my own place and get used to living 1800 miles away from my friends and family.

So where are you and your DH moving to? I wish both of you the best - especially for his surgery - and keep in touch. It's nice to talk to someone else going through a crazy time!

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I say good for you, girl!! Do keep in touch and tell us about your trip, feelings after moving (mine would probably be a novel) and how you like the area. That's a really big move you're making--but a soulmate is the best possible reason to do it. I'm excited for you!

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Hi Dawna...We moved into our Apt after living in homes for many years. Its been almost a year and a half. Mostly I like it , but some things I miss about having a house. Guess I would introduce myself to neighbors and explain your doggies idiosyncrasy. I was thankful to find an APT where I could keep my cat. I did see something on TV but seemed far fetched, but a lady said she had someone video tape her talking to her pet and she played that on the TV for her pet when she was gone. The pet could see her and hear her voice. I don't know, might work.

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when you get there, you might check out a dog-training sort of place, that could help you teach your dog to be less fearful.

It might help him a lot! He can't enjoy being so upset, anymore than your potential neighbors would.

And if you ended up in a group class or something, it might give you new people to know who aren't connected to your new sweetie--good for you, with your big-distance move.

(also investigate doggie daycare when you get there--not that you have to use it, but it'll be good if you know where it is should you need it)

I'm w/ the "introduce yourself to the neighbors" bit, but I wouldn't telegraph the problems too much. Just say, "Hi, here's us, we're glad to meet you." and mention that, you of course would want to know if there's anything going wrong, etc., and that you won't be there to hear if your dog goes on a barking jag, which he might be more prone to as he gets used to his new neighborhood, new smells & sounds, etc. And would they be ears for you, and let them know?

Sort of that it's about helping the dog adjust, and not about catering to them. And that they'll be doing you a service if they let you know.

And also check in after a few weeks; if you see them on your travels in and out--that's what I do, to the folks who live below us--I try to give them an opportunity to say, "well, now that you mention it, somebody is banging on the floor a lot."

Good luck. Best wishes for a good adjustment--for you AND for pooch.

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