The Managers in 'The Meadows' are cold blooded

vivian_leeFebruary 5, 2009

I am nicely warning everybody never stay with the apartment "The Meadows"

in bay area. The quality of the room is awful, and the rent is much higher

than other apartment nearby, even more, the Office numbers are horrible

to deal with.

The address of "The Meadows" is 1000 Escalon Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Three horrible things happened in my short stay since last Mid June.

1. They promised that the construction of pool ended in Sep08, we felt it

was not too long after we moved in so we signed the lease and moved in in

Mid June. However, the constriction was not finished until early Dec08.

Our apartment is close to the pool, and the drilling noise got me a bad

bad headache.

I complained with office manager, she didn't apologize at all, and also

said they didn't have control on the length of the construction and they

would have more constructions, which they didn't mentioned before we signed

the lease. She also didn't allow us to move out early without penalty.

2. In Sep08, I found a huge nail embed in the bottom of the concrete door

frame, tip up. I was very scared, because I have a 13-month old baby, who

was just learning walking. What if she stepped on the nail?! What if she

fell onto the nail?! Even us could step on it sometimes.

However, when I talked to the office manager, she looked so calm, and again

without any apology, she said it was our responsibility to watch the baby

to make sure she wouldn't step onto the nail and it's our responsibility

to make sure her safety before the problem has been fixed.

3. Early this morning (2/5/2009) at 1:42am, I specially checked time because

I was extremely angry when this accident happened! My husband went to

restroom around that time, and right after he entered the restroom and turned

on the light, I heard a "bong" sound, and ran out to check, I found thousands

of pieces of broken glass on the floor in front of the bedroom door. The

glass was the cover of the light on the ceiling of the hall way (my husband

didn't turn this light on). If my husband was 2 sounds later, this would

break his head. It's very hard to clean the floor completely since the tiny

pieces are everywhere!

Again, I went to office this morning even though it's useless, I have to

let them know we didn't break their property, we are victims, and my husband

was almost hurt. But Yes, it was useless!!! The manager was still very cold

with such horrible thing happened in the Mid-Night in my home! She even

suspected us, she said, "This never happened before". Of course, no apology at all!!!

We have been living in many other apartments in other states, but this is

the first time I met so many troubles in an apartment in such a short time,

and this is the worst lease office I've ever seen that is so cold blooded to its renters.

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Hi, why did you post twice? You need to send a certified letter to the company that owns the building - not that manager, and not 'through' her. Mail it. The pool being late is not a huge deal, pretty standard stuff these days, but her not telling you about other construction is not terrific. However, the business with the nail and the glass breaking is awful - you definitely should not only report those, but absolutely tell them - NOT in the emotional tone you used here, just plainly - what happened with the manager!

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Are you absolutely certain that your husband did not flip the light switch to the one that cracked and fell apart?

I was in an older home one time that had a beautiful vintage light fixture. Person ahead of me flipped on the switch and there was a loud pop and glass from the light fixture flew off of it (and light immediately went out).

Faulty wiring in the light fixture was the cause.

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I absolutely sure that my husband didn't touch the light switch. We have a young kid in the apartment, we are very careful not to wake her up at night. Thus we rarely turn on the light in the living room at late night.

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Thank you lucy for the suggestions. It's hard for me not to be emotional. My 18 month old kid is living in this aparment, how can I not worry abou this. If the manager show slightly sincerity, not faked warmness, thing will be different. My husband and I will feel much better.

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Yes, but you know you're not going to change her, all you can do is pursue things in the best way to get yourself listened to, and that's from one 'business like person' to another (who will respect that).

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Let me see if I can summarize:

  1. The owners poured money into a new pool for the benefit of the residents (it looks nice from the air, see the view link below). Instead of being finished at the end of September, it was finished at the beginning of December. That amount of delay is hardly unusual for a project like this. You knew about this construction before you moved in, and the work was done within a reasonable time.

2) A nail was sticking up from the floor, somewhere not too obvious or you would have noticed it before. So? Hammer it down or cut it off, and if you can't do it yourself just keep the baby away from it for a couple of days before the management can fix it. Not a big deal.

3) A light fixture broke. Odd how things like that just "break on their own" around tenants, but rarely in your own home. Still, no big deal. If you are so terrified about broken glass, make sure all of your cups and plates are made out of plastic too.

In the real world, sometimes things break, and sometimes repairs take longer (and cost more) than expected. It is not surprising that the office seems a bit unfriendly, as you appear to be a hysterical drama queen.

Here is a link that might be useful: overhead view

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Fredwolf- was it REALLY important for you to hit 'send' when you wrote that? People feel how they feel, and you know nothing else whatever about that person (who at least is worried about her child). Why was it so necessary to be that nasty to someone who's a complete stranger to you? Sheeesh!

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No, it was not that important (few things really are, especially on the internet). But you have a person who has, twice, posted messages in a public forum with the sole intent to harm someone's business. The complaints and conclusion are pretty ridiculous (ie light fixture cracked = "such horrible thing happened"), with personal insults towards the staff.

Was it REALLY important for Vivian Lee to write this? People feel how they feel, and she knows nothing else about the staff at this property, or the daily challenges faced by the owners. Why was it so necessary for her to be that nasty to people who are complete strangers to her? Sheesh!

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I've suggested this before, but it really is a good place to vent about these sorts of things
I feel that might be a better forum for your post, due to the fact it connects you with other tenants in that building.

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I agree with Fredwolf completely, I'm glad he posted and said what I would have said for me.

vivian lee is looking for an apology aboout everything, but for what? No one owes her an apology. Buildings have loose nails, the manager was right, it is vivian lee's responsibility to keep her child safe from common things. The only time that the building management could be blamed is if they didn't act on her complaint. It's just like the light fixture, the building management didn't manufacture the light nor did they cause it too fall. It fell, life sucks sometimes, stop looking for an apology.

And you ALSO want an apology because they are putting in a beautiful pool for you to enjoy? The construction gave you a little headache? Did it really? Bologna, I am calling you a liar, it did not give you a headache. Grow up, stop looking for an apology, and take on the responsibility yourself. If not for yourself, do it for your child.

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I mean no disrespect to Vivian_Lee, but the place where she lives doesn't sound that bad to me. Just normal things are happening, a nail that has come loose & a light fixture that has broken. Nothing to be alarmed about. Now, if Vivian_Lee wants something to complain about, she should try living where I do! Horrible, rude, inconsiderate, ignorant neighbors who don't know the meaning of the word "quiet" is what I deal with on a daily basis! Never getting more than a few hours sleep, listening to constant pounding, thumping, banging, screaming from upstairs. This goes on almost 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. I've been trying for months to get out of here but haven't been able to find anything yet. I'm seriously thinking about sleeping in my car since it's getting warmer out! I'll trade places with Vivian_Lee any day. Let's see her put up with what my family does then she can really complain!

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Oh, I also forgot to mention what happened here the other night! My "lovely" upstairs neighbors were jumping up & down so hard on my kitchen ceiling that the glass globe that was on my kitchen ceiling light fixture fell to the floor & broke! I'm glad that one of us or my cats weren't out in the kitchen at the time because someone could have gotten hurt having glass crash down onto their skull! I tried to go up there to show them what they had done but the cowards wouldn't answer the door, so I called the police & the office manager. I'm sick to death of dealing with those morons upstairs & when it comes to them knocking the ceiling down on top of us, that's where I draw the line!Nobody should have to live like this. Thanks for listening & letting me vent!

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Maybe you have stated this before (I know you typed "months) but how long has this been going on?

It seems crazy nothing has been addressed with your neighbors. Is the office manager just giving you the run-around?

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Willamae: This nonsense has been going on since late September & it has not let up or gotten any better. It seems to get worse every single day, in fact. The office manager is not a very pleasant person at all & I have heard other tenants complain about her. She's lazy & doesn't want to hear any complaints about the other tenants because that might interfere with collecting the rent every month. I have tried talking to her about this but she has refused to even speak to these people. She told me she is not going to lose any tenants over this whole thing. Since she won't do anything about this, I have to call the police on these idiots. There's really nothing the police can do, though. They can go talk to them, but they usually won't answer their door. The guy who lives up there has warrants out on him so he's afraid of the cops finding him so that's probably why they won't usually answer the door. My only option is to move but I haven't been able to find anything yet. In the meantime, I never get any sleep & am at my wits end here. You're the only person on here who has cared enough to even inquire about what is going on, and I appreciate your concern. Thank you! :)

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