Anybody out there that can give me a quick answer?

newhomebuilderJanuary 21, 2010

I posted this on the Home Decorating board, but really need an opinion form an antique expert.

Please take a look at the below link that will lead to the thread. Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: CraigsList Table

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From just what I see....and am imagining the rest to sure looks like $80 well spent to me!!
So you have pictures of the rest of it?
Looks like walnut and some sort of burl....most likely veneer.
Linda C

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Doesn't look especially old to me -- but it does look to be easily worth $80. Nice buy.

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Linda - The pictures - from the owner - are in the TABLE link under my second post in that thread.

sweeby - So you don't think it is old enough to be an antique? About how old do you think it is?

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Found 'em!
No, it's not antique by any means....but it loooks like good quality used furniture...
See if he will take $70.....then offer $75....and pay the $80 if you have to!
If it works in your's a very nice table.

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I keep forgetting that the definition of "antique" has gone up in years.

Forgot to ask if the drawer has dovetail, so I have sent off another email. Any idea of what the style and piece would be called so i can look it up?

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It's French Provincial style....but that means nothing as far as "looking it up"'s not a set need to judge what you will pay by how well constructed it is and what condition it is in and how well it fits your house....
You can't look up "french provincial light walnut console table" and hope to find anything relevant. It's not's used furniture.
The fact of dove tails on the drawer is of little meaning, unless they are hand made dove tails....which I very much doubt!

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I know, but I like them! :)

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My grandmother always told me that for a piece of furniture to be an antique, it had to be 100 years old. Vintage is a 'loose 50' years, and anything less was just 'used'. I understand that for cars and Oriental rugs, the age limits are different...

On that table, I'd guess 1990's, maybe 1980's -- but could easily be earlier -- down to 50's? Again, mostly just a guess.

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Really! From what the seller said, the piece was bought at an antiques auction, so I assumed it was at least vintage, but not just 20-30 years old! I was thinking 1940's and have several pieces that age, so I should be able to tell when I get a closer look. ;) I am not interested if it is not at least 1950 or under.

Weird, but since I wrote and told the seller I think I wanted it, she has not responded. She had already given me the address and directions.

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For import purposes, I think it's 1850....roughly before the industrial revolution, when furniture did have hand done dovetails.
The difference in the way a piece from 1940 and a piece from 1950 are made or designed are really non existant.
I am curious, how will you tell if it's from 1940 and not 10 years newer?

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If it's not already sold, buy it. You can't tell the age from the photos but if the table is in good shape it's a steal.

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lindac - I said I hoped the piece was at least 1950's or under. No, I would not be able to tell a difference in 10 years. lol

OK, heard back and received some more photos. I can't tell how old, but I suspect that sweeby could be correct, but as someone2010 said, I think $80 is still a good deal if the piece is sturdy. Looking at the close-ups by email, there are several little "flaws" in the piece. The hardware also looks newer. However, a little touch up here and there and the piece could be fine for my needs.

I changed my mind about where to put it. I was thinking a hallway, but I would really like something longer behind my family room couch so that I can add more photographs. This piece would really fit in with my existing furnishings in that room. I currently have an 80 some-odd year gate-leg farm table as a sofa table. The other pieces (except for the TV cabinet) were my parents, and they are more French Provincial looking in the legs, as is this CL piece.

Here's some photos of my family room and the furniture.

I wonder if they have the key!

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Buy it!!...It's really very nice! More Chippendale than French provincial and will go in your room betterthan the table you have.
By the way...that gate leg table behind the sofa is a game table....when the legs wings out and the leaf is up it's the size of a card table and was meant for games.
And that's a "faux lock"...notice there is nothing in the drawer that will turn and lock the drawer?
Put just any key you find at a flea market, hang a tassel on it and you are good!
Linda C

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I noticed that the lock didn't go all the way through. That's why I put "I wonder if they have the key." I should have put a :grin: icon.

I am going to look at the sofa table at 4:00.

Thank you for the information on the gate leg table. It is a bit larger than an ordinary card table. DH and I bought it at an antiques store when we were first married...30+ years ago. We were told it was over 50 years old at the time. We used it as a breakfast table until our family of 5 grew to big for it. It does have some really neat cubbies in the large drawer and always wondered why.

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I'm guessing the primary wood is walnut.

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If you haven't seen it already, I posted an update on the other thread - at the Decorating board. Link is posted in my first post above. ;)

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