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look_whos_typingFebruary 2, 2009

I have experienced much of what I have read in this message/question board and let me reassure you that even when you think these "management companies" are all that is left, it isn't you just have to be patient and let your heart guide you to the perfect home. In my last rental I was not given information on lead, 3 years after living there we had a child. When she was 3 I found out information on lead paint. I asked the landlord, who had in the 6 previous years swore he was going to paint and get rid of the chipping paint,if the paint was lead. He said yes and I had her tested. She was at a level 5. He proceeded to evict us. I fought and even though I won I couldn't find anyone who would rent to me because it still showed up as a eviction. So I let my heart guide me. I sat down to log onto Craigs List rentals and said ok show me "the one" I went through many posts before I felt "the one". I called, talked with the owner for awhile, then met him the next day. (The rent was so cheap compared to some of the others I had looked at I was not optimistic that this wasn't gonna be a dive.) Desprate I showed up for the meeting. The apartments were beautiful. A small complex of 3 buldings in a U shape totaling 13 apts. Grounds well maintained. The inside was great, picture window in living and dining room, TWO full size closets in master bedrm. WOW I thought. So I had brung all the paper work with me from the courts. Told him the story,gave him proof of income forms, and said I was interested. I could have the full deposits in about a week and give him a down now. This was on the 22nd of the month. I had to be out by the 1st per settlement agreement of where I was living, he looked at me and I thought oh gosh, here we go again, and to my suprise he said, "tell me your going to be a good tenant" ok I bite " I would be the model tenant", I said. He took my measley $300.00 deposit with a balance of 1200 still owing to move in, and he HANDED me the KEYS. Wow Not even a refrence check. I was floored. He also said, were not gonna worry about the days between now and the 1st those are free, you can start moving in anytime. Let me say that alone makes him and this apartment GREAT. But when I moved in, it was like I had escaped from hell and all these angels were here to greet me. I have the best neighbors, the most wonderful landlord and a great apartment. So to each of you struggling let me say. Keep the faith and let your heart guide you. I hope this was the appropriate place to post this.


Look whos typing

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I'm glad it turned out OK for you so far.

I hope you check out this guy on the 'bad landlords' websites and check the registered sex offenders list for the guy's name. Sometimes when a LL is too eager and lax, there is a reason.

I really hope this guy is on the up and up.

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I hope you have all of his promises in writing and follow through on what you signed.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Good Luck

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Hi, LL here, nice story, glad to see one of these ;)

I'm curious, on what grounds did he evict you? And if you won, why was the eviction left on your record?

I will disagree with what others have posted regarding being wary or skeptical. I have learned over the years that not all is black and white, there are many levels of gray. Some of my perfect tenants on paper turned out to be nightmares. And some of those less than stellar on paper, but whom my gut told me were being truthful so I gave them a break, turned out to be some of my best tenants. Sounds like your LL is a human being with some compassion and was giving you a break. ;-)

I would encourage you to check the sex offender registry, not for your LL, but for your own peace of mind and to be aware of your local neighborhoods. Sadly, it's common to find offenders in all walks of life, from urban to rural, from affluent to impoverished. I check regularly, and keep my tenants with children posted. National Registry is linked below, google your State registry for assurance of most up to date info.

I wouldn't worry tho, all in all it sounds like you found a great place and a decent LL. Hope your daughter has a healthy future in store. Meantime, relax and enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: National Offender Registry

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I had a great landlord when I was 19 and rented my first apartment. I was worried about passing a credit check since I never established credit and had relocated a thousand miles from my hometown. Even my check was a counter check. It was a nice little apartment in a nice little neighborhood. The landlord literally handed me the keys and welcomed me. I had sparse furniture and no vacuum. When I'd hear her vacuuming the hallway she'd reach my apartment and knock on the door. When I'd open the door she'd come in and vacuum my whole apartment. Did this for a year and a half! She also baked bread every few days and would give me a loaf. Once when I went back home for a visit she offered to water my plants. When I came back she had fresh juice in my refrigerator and some bakery for me.

This was back in the late seventies. I have since moved home but hear from her once in a while. What a sweetie, her kindness and welcoming attitude are remembered to this day.

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