Any San Diego landlords?

bemilyFebruary 26, 2009

I am remodeling a rental house in San Diego. Can anyone recommend a good/reliable/not overpriced painter, plumber, handyman, gardener, stucco co., gate co. etc. in the area? Thank you.

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Sorry, not in SD, but have you tried City Data Forum?

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Thanks Moonshadow. Never heard of it but I will look there.

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Is 'Angie's List' still around? You have to pay a small fee to join but I've heard it is worth it. Angie's List gives ratings/reviews.

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Oh yeah, forgot about Angie's list. They're still around. (They will spam you to death with emails, tho.) I got a freebie year out of them with start-up list in my area, it was very handy!

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