Tiffany lampshade repair???

chery2January 30, 2005

I've posted this before with no successful results. I just know someone out there has the answer I need. I have a large Tiffany-style overhead lampshade that was broken by the electrician, who willingly compensated me for it. But it shouldn't be unfixable. The glass is the common caramel/cream color, and I think the broken section can be replaced w/o having to involve the whole shade. Who can I call for this replacement glass? TIA, chery-va

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I'll be watching this one, too. I have a lovely shade that has several broken pieces in it. I've been told that since every facet in the shade is curved (both vertically and horizontally) the repair is rather complicated... not the province of "your average" stained glass worker. Evidently, the pieces must be "slumped"... heated to a point where they may be formed to arcs required to fit the frame... WAH.

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Ask a stained glass shop.

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I have! I've asked several and have gotten the same answer... .

Just because a technician is capable of cutting glass to the requisite size DOESN'T mean they know how to do it in THREE dimensions. It the arc of the glass vertically AND horizontally that makes it more complicated! "Slumping" makes the whole process more involved... that's where the art of knowing at what temperature the glass begins to "slump" comes into play... flat glass is basically a "no brainer"; it AIN'T the same when ARCS in the vertical and horizontal are involved.

Doing the sort of multidimensional repair required to resusitate my shade is NOT the province of the usual shop...

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Call a craft shop and see if they know someone who might be knowledgable...
As a last resort, call a place that specializes in making repairs to church windows. I don't expect they will involv themselves but for a handsome price....but they might recomment someone.
Linda C

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You might consider calling Fontaine Auction in Pittsville, Connecticut. They specialize in authentic Tiffany, Handel & Craftsman era in their auctions. Although you may not have an actual Tiffany, perhaps they've heard the question before and might be able to guide you to someone for the repair. I would think that the type cuts you are describing would definitely require a craftsman. I'm not sure if Fontaine could answer your question but if you're anxious to get it repaired, it might be "worth a shot". Good luck.

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Thanks, everybody. I'll try all suggestions and let you know. chery-va

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Chelone -
Where was it stated that the glass was anything but flat?

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Chelone has the shade with the curved pieces....see her post above.
Linda C

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Thanks for the suggestions from everyone about where to find someone capable of repairing broken pieces that are curved both vertically and horizontally. I suspect I will be "set back on my haunches" by the estimates... ;)

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Tiffany lamp shades are never trash even when they're broken into pieces. The look Tiffany lampshades give off is the obvious vintage classic look. Its almost retro and funky in style. Replacing Tiffany lamp shades shouldn't be an option. But repairing them is the key!

Here is a link that might be useful: lamps

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