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new.beeFebruary 3, 2013

I just bought a 1 BR rental with one of the infamous oak are in reasonable shape, except some spots where the varnish is a little off and some slight discoloration.
The plan is to just clean and 'revitalize' them a bit. I may gel stain them dark at a later point or maybe paint, but probably not now.
The appliances are brand new, but oddly enough a mix of black, white, and black-and-white.
I'd consider putting in new counter tops, but quotes for laminate are not much less than for granite.
So, if I go for granite, what color would you suggest, especially keeping in mind the colors of the appliances and the fact that I may gel stain the cabinets at one point.

Any suggestions for backsplash, or just leave as is?
The rental is at the lower end of the market, geared at young professionals.

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Personally, I would leave it. It is neat and clean and functional. Do you think that by putting in a granite counter, you can raise the rent?

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The only thing I would change is putting in a double sink, and adding more outlets as I only see two, both of which are being used by the stove & fridge.
Unless I just can't see them in the pictures.

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Ack! No, not a double sink. Well, at least I don't like them. The two parts are too small for cookie sheets and large stockpots.

More outlets would be good, though. Especially since the appliances are taking up 50% of the existing ones. Consider what the average kitchen has--coffee maker, microwave, toaster/toaster oven, plus a mixer or blender or grill or electric kettle on occasion. You probably don't want the tenants running extension cords everywhere.

I'd leave the counter as it is, if it is in good shape. Wait until you deal with the cabinets and change it then, to something that will work with whatever you do to the cabinets.

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Like the others, the only change I would make is more outlets, particularly one behind or much closer to the refrigerator: I wouldn't be happy with the cord from the fridge trailing across the counter like that. Otherwise I think at this point a revamp would be dead money.

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I think the kitchen looks fine in the pictures its a bigger kitchen than my rental and has the same cabinets with granite look laminate but yours looks fine in white and the appliances not being a perfect match is not a deal breaker at all. My rental has a mix of black and stainless, only got the stainless stove in mine because it was a scratch and dent special.

that being said try to get some more outlets and I would up grade the faucet at the sink to something with a sprayer or pull out/ pull down thing to help make washing pots and cleaning easy tenants like that little luxury.

if you want to do something with the cabinets look at rustolium products (cabinet transformations and rejuvenation) in the paint department at Lowe's or home depot

you have a dishwasher and microwave in there so you have more than most basic kitchens and nice floor too. If it were mine I'd just see about a few more outlets and an upgraded faucet and be done with it get it rented to a good tenant who will love it

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That is a fine looking kitchen for a rental.

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again the kitchen looks great. you need only small tweaks. Looking at it again the stove should have an outlet for it behind the stove and same for the fridge. then another outlet or two on the counter and it will be good.

you don't want a tenant using extension cords and power strips everywhere for safety and they will if you give then a reason to need to.

I still like the single sink but not the basic faucet unless there is a sprayer with it.

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another voice crying out for more outlets...and other than that, I would leave the kitchen alone, give any tenant willing to sign a 2-year contract the option of painting the backsplash to suit their decor -

if you really wanted to love your tenants? add a bit of task lighting under one of the cabinets, maybe a nicer ceiling light, and maybe set aside a small budget for new knobs for the cabinets, if they turn out to be the decorating type?

but honestly, a clean kitchen with decent natural light is better than most of us get, starting out.

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Thanks so much for all the advice.
The first person who saw it, put down a deposit for the apartment right on the spot.
This is what I did afterwards:
Added two outlets for the range and fridge, respectively
Added a new fixture above the sink; kitchen is really bright now, even at night
Spruced up the cabinets a bit (varnish)
The knobs are brushed nickel and actually quite nice.
The wall paint is actually an off white and looks nicer in real life.

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