Antique Telephone Chair/Table

nora_kJanuary 14, 2006

Don't know much about antiques, but I picked up a telephone chair/table, simply because it appealed to me. I have no idea what its worth, but its in great condition as you can see by the image.

Would anyone be able to tell me the value of this piece?

Underneath the chair pad are numbers: 2-NF-54-3045 and the numbers 917 are carved.

Not sure what type of wood either, but it appears to be some type of walnut finish.

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How neat for you! I looked these up online once, as I was blessed with one from my mom's mom. I was told that they are sometimes known as a "gossip bench". What's neat about mine is that there is a little light built into the desk, and way back, when you would sit in the chair, the light would turn on!! I begged my grandma for this thing! Unfortunately the wood veneer (sp?) stuff is falling apart a bit, and the light doesn't work. I hope to get it working again one day. Unfortunately, I don't know what they are worth, but did you try doing a google search?? Take care and enjoy your new find!

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Your telephone chairs sounds really neat too! I appreciate your response!
I did try to do a search and came up with a few items, but none that really resemebled my chair. You mentioned that your chair belonged to your grandmother so what year do you suppose that would of been? Just trying to get an idea of when these chairs were being actually used. I was thinking of maybe picking up a book on collectibles, I really need to learn more. Thank you again!

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Not very old....1950's at the earliest....very likely later.
Those telephone stands are still being made today. They became popular in the 40's when free standing telephones became available, before that, of course phones hung on the wall.
Yours is mass produced, I am sure the numbers etc on the bottom meant something to the person who sprayed on the finish or stapeled on the seat cover.
It's an interesting item, reminding us of the days after wall hung phones and before cordless models.
Linda C

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It's my feeling that your chair dates to the early/mid 50s, and possibly even the late 40s. Much of the furniture at that time seems to have been a dark walnut or mahogany color,with veneered pieces imitating the more expensive classic styles (if they weren't attempting to imitate "colonial" styles). And in the decade that gave us "dinettes," "kitchenettes," and everything with an "ette" added because of tiny little compartmentalized rooms in tiny post-war houses, multi-purpose little pieces of furniture were quite necessary. I think "blonde" furniture and Danish styling kicked in during the late 50s into the 60s. All of this I'm pulling from my recollections as a child of the 50s, so take it with a grain of salt! Your chair would probably not command a high price (maybe $30-40 at an antique co-op?), but it is definitely most charming!

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My Grandma had one too though yours is much nicer.

It looks to me like late 40s and possibly mahogany.
The chair seat obviously was recovered recently because it's stapled gunned but the brackets on the underside of the chair frame look like other 40s furniture I've seen.

The bottom piece with the numbers also looks newer than the frame. Those boards are usually pretty dark on older furniture.

It's a terrific piece -- enjoy it. I'm sure it's worth $200-300.

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Wow, $200-$300 for my cute litte telephone chair thats exciting!
I have gotten some great info and quick responses from this awesome forum, I really do appreciate the feedback since I know nothing about antiques. Just in the last few days I have learned quite a bit..for one thing this peice is not an antique and considered a collectible because its not 100 yrs old, right?
Also, I thought it was walnut, but found out that it was actually mahagony, rococogurl you are correct!!!
Thank you all!

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It's an interesting piece ... but don't expect to get $200-300 for it. The other estimate was $30-$40. I can find them here - in a similar style - for about $100.

It's 1940s-50s. I had a set of chairs with almost similar construction that could be reliably dated to 1947.

See what they are selling for in your area, and figure on getting 50-75% of that.

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Nona, it's beautiful! Mpire Researcher says a "gossip chair" goes for about $165 on eBay. I bet you could get that for it, it looks like it's in AMAZING shape! Good luck, and nice find!!!

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Sorry guys....not a $200 someone offers you that...grab it and run!
And from what I can see of the pictures you posted, it's not mahogany...but rather "mahagony colored stain".
There are Gossip benches of all sorts....if you find someone to offer you as much as $75 and you want to get rid of it I advise you to sell...
BUT it is cute! And while certainly not worth much as an antique it is useful as a telephone re cover the seat and enjoy.
Linda C

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Thanks all for your opinions, I have a really good idea now of what this neat little telephone chair is worth. I really didn't think it would be much, I was just kinda curious. At first I thought I would sell it because it didn't go with my decor, but I actually found a place for it in my home and it looks great. If anything, its a conversation piece, very interesting! I think Its a keeper!

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My grandmother had the same gossip chair,I remember seeing it when I was seven,I went into a store in phoenix called Terri's and there it was,there are no numbers on the bottom but I noticed the Letter M branded in the wood,So does anyone have any ideas how
I would find out who made this piece.
thanks for any help you can give me.

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The frame of the unit looks to be made of a "white" wood, maybe Poplar, but the sheild ( the part of the chair that your back would rest against) I'm pretty sure is Mahogany.
Most chairs, especially dining room chairs had a Mahogany or Walnut sheild and the frame was built with a "white" wood and then stained to match .

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Hi, I love your telephone table! It is in great condition! Last year I was antiquing and found a table like yours that was not in as good condition and it was priced $35.00. There were some scratches in the finish and the upholstery on the seat needed to be replaced. I think yours would be worth 60.00-75.00. That is a conservative estimate on my behalf. I don't feel that it is poplar as that does not hold dark stains very well at all. Usually poplar is Painted with a base color and then a finish is "built" up on it, using faux graining techniques. Of this I am very confident of. Yours does look to be a true hard wood, I would say mahogany. If you look at the back to the chair it has a poor stainig job on it. I think it may have been refinished at some point by someone who was not experienced.

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I would like to know if anyone know how much this chair is worth

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WOW,,I was hoping for some answers here,MY chair still has the tag on it,For the most part it reads Krebs,Stengel NewYork 16 NY as well as this artical is made in compliance with an approval july,3, 1926,,,kansas approved march 1923....approved april 24,1929 new jersey revised statuies 26; 10-6 to 18 MASS G.L SEC 270 CHAP 94, LA ACT 467'1948

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Get lost, gelled spammer............

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I have a 1940's Gossip/telephone table (the seat lifts and it's a big storage compartment under it) it's red leather, and the maker is.."WilChrome" son is 10 years old and has cancer and I have decided to sell off all of my antiques/collectibles to help pay for his any help with a price I can sell it for would be greatly appreciated..I can send pictures to email..but am new to this site and have not figured out how to post pictures yet. Thank y'all in advance, this is in great condition.

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