Rembrandt Lamp Co.

cheloneJanuary 4, 2008

I would like to know more about this Chicago based company. I have tried Googling it, but have yet to come up with anything about the history of the company... just a bunch of e-Bay ads that aren't what I'm interested in.

What am I doing wrong in my search? I dropped off model #9043 to have it rewired and would love to know more about it, maybe see what sort of shade it originally had.

Can you guys help me out with this? I'm really frustrated with my own ineptitude and can't seem to get out of the "loop" I'm in.

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Hi chelone,

Here's the best I could do...the link at least has another name to work with.

Also, I'm wondering if the company, Rembrandt Lamp, was named after Rembrandt Peale of Baltimore? He's quite famous for opening his museum with gas lights in 1816. Maybe, there's a genealogical connection??

Here's a copy of what I found of his first advertisement for the museum:

"The first advertisement for the museum's new gas light attraction appeared in the "American and Commercial Daily Advertiser" on June 13, 1816. The ad stated:

Gas Lights - Without Oil, Tallow, Wicks or Smoke. It is not necessary to invite attention to the gas lights by which my salon of paintings is now illuminated; those who have seen the ring beset with gems of light are sufficiently disposed to spread their reputation; the purpose of this notice is merely to say that the Museum will be illuminated every evening until the public curiosity be gratified."

Good luck...let us know what you find.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rembrandt Lamp Co.

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Try contacting chicago's chamber of commerce. They usually know something about companies that were or are in thier city. Sometimes a company might change its name, which makes it hard to google...

Just my thoughts.
s b

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Tricia, what did you use for key words and how exactly did you type it out to find that? I try and try to use Google efficiently, but I invariably give up; maybe you could give me some pointers?

Thanks for your help. You, too String.!

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I typed this: History of Rembrandt Lamp Co.?

I do genealogy & have gotten fairly proficient at Googling. My experience is that I get more & better hits if I start with typing out exactly what I'm looking for rather than a string of keywords. Then, depending on how that first search goes...I modify until I've zeroed in on what I'm looking for. For instance, the next thing I'd do in looking for Rembrandt Lamp is start looking for info on Harris Marcus.

I also use in researching antiques. It's amazing how many times I've located family trees connected with a piece I'm researching. I don't do it much these days but a few years ago I used to track American decorated stoneware very successfully.

Good luck!


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City directories are a great place to look for old companies/people also. You'll need to make a trip to a good-sized library or, often times, you can call & a librarian will do a look-up for you at no charge when they have free time.

The National Archives also has an incredible amount of info you'd NEVER in a million years dream they would have. They do charge a small fee though if you can't find what you want online. Plus, it takes 3-4 months to get a response from them. But, they've come through for me more than once.

Also, if you know the city/town of a company/person...a large college/university nearby probably has records & then also will do look-ups for either free or nominal charge. Princeton University once copied over 250 pages of info for me I couldn't get anyplace else.

Happy hunting...the hunt is 3/4 of the fun!


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Thanks for the tips, Tricia. I think I tend to underestimate the time required to really track something down on Google. I hadn't thought of the geneological aspect!

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Here's some news stories and obits from the Google news archives search. I used "Rembrandt Lamp Co." for my search.

The modern Chamber of Commerce isn't likely to know much, but you could try a Chicago historical society, or the Sun Times archives, or call the American Lighting Association, a trade association representing the lighting industry.

Here is a link that might be useful: News links

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Rembrandt lamps were somewhat higher priced, similiar to Frederick Cooper, I am not sure which was higher priced but very similar as I recall, I remember my mother had purchased both brands, and they were a higher end lamp.

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