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jenkneeFebruary 25, 2007

me and my boyfriend have just recently moved into an apartment, we live above two guys and a girl,and acoss from them is two guys, and across from us is two guys and they are all college kids and they all know each other. when we first looked at the place we were told that college kids lived here but some were graduate students and the property manager made it seem like they were respectful and it wouldnt be a problem we also had no idea they knew each other and hung out together. it all started the first weekend we moved in, well we couldnt even stay there the frist weekend we moved in because of our downstairs neighbors. they had their music up so loud our floor was vibrating and it sounded like there were like over a dozen kids down there all yelling at the top of their lungs at a video game. we could hear everything! so we left and slept at my boyfriends parents cabin that night because we were both sick not to mention we were moving all day. well we came back the next day just to see if maybe that was a one night thing. nope next day same thing loud music, screaming at the video game. etc. so we decided there was no way we could live there like that, we worked and had to get up early in the morning and they are loud all through the night. so monday came and we contacted to real estate office and told them about the noise. most of the noise come from the three that live below us so we didnt mention any of the other tenants, andso we asked if there was anything we could do about getting out of the lease, turned out that was not an option, they seemed to be very concerned however about our situation and said they would do something about it, they would also make sure that they wouldnt know it was us who had complained about them and that they would rather us stay and the problem leave if it came to that..they told us to call them anytime they were being too loud, well a week went by and things seemed ok, but eventually the noise has started back up, every single weekend its quiet from about 9pm-2am then they all start coming back from the bar and they are all drunk and loud and they will keep at it until like 4am or later. and another thing they do is keep their door wide open so that the guys across the hall can come in and out of their apartment, its like we are living in a college dorm. but they just dont seem to care that other people live in this apartment building. we called the real estate office twice so far, we've put up with the noise more than we should and now its come to the point were its driving me crazy. i had to start taking anxiety medication and wearing ear plugs but that still doesn work when the couple downstairs gets intament right below us. and keeps at it until 4am!

we dont want to say anything to them personally because of course they could all ban together and realy be rude to us since its obvious they dont care about anything.but i can say that the only thing that has seemed to change is the music isnt as loud, but they have replaced that with their own voices and banging. im sick of being woken up every night at 2am because they are all banging so loud at god knows what and laughing and yelling. what else can we do? we are planning on talking to the realestate manager when we take in our next months rent and just sitting down with her and letting her know complaining isnt going to change anything and something needs to be done. we cant take it anymore. i know this is long but i just had to say vent somewhere and it seems like there are people on here than i can relate to. thanks

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Oh my,I know exactly how you feel! We were in the same situation a couple years ago. The bass plays and thumps your walls all night long...they live litter and beer cans all over the place on the ground. One night they even smashed the window out with a beer bottle in the lobby.
Dont give up~keep complaining!!! Chances are,other neighboors are probably complaining too.I think if they get more then like,3 written complaints,they are tossed.
I was relentless,cuz not only could we not sleep,but I cant tell you how many times it woke up my child who had to go to school tired because of it.
Hang in there,you definitely dont have to put up with this!

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Try to get the manager's home phone number or the owner's home phone number. Do some digging, you will find them. When you hear noise at 2:00 AM you call the manager at home at 2:00 AM and tell her it's noisy and you can't sleep and thought she'd want to know. After 3 or 4 calls she has a few options...leave her phone off the hook (most people don't like to do this), get an unlisted tel. number, change her phone number, do SOMETHING about the problem or let you out of your lease. (By the way, I'm a landlord)

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This is so awful for you. Be persistent!!!!

Back in my single days I had a similar problem. I had been in my apt for 4 years and all of the sudden all the apts around me filled up with non working partiers! It is so hard when you are listening to bass at 4am and you lay there knowing you have to get up in 2 hours to go to work. I made complaints every single time the music started. I called the police every night sometimes. Do what you have to do. It is YOUR right to have sleep. I just don't understand why anyone thinks they have the right to act like that. I mean, sure in a dorm, go ahead and party your head off, everyone is doing it so nobody is bothered. But, in an apt, these are homes. You need to party someplace else. Complain, complain, are the respectful tenant, push them out.

Best of luck!

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I have to say that with so many of THEM and two of YOU, you're going to have a really hard time of it. Can you afford to move again instead (can you afford not to?)?

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coolvt said: "When you hear noise at 2:00 AM you call the manager at home at 2:00 AM and tell her it's noisy and you can't sleep and thought she'd want to know. "

Great idea! LOL.

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Many leases guarantee you the right to "quiet enjoyment" of your unit. Check the language. You may be able to use that to break the lease...and I would do that ASAP because this won't get better. And when you rent the next apartment, talk to the other tenants first to get better insight into noise conditions in the building, rather than relying on the manager (who has a financial interest in getting a vacant unit rented).

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