"Very old" pine console table

nosoccermomJanuary 9, 2014

What can you tell me about this table? Supposedly, it's pine, very old, with brass hardware, and tongue-and-groove drawers. Trying to buy it and figuring out what to offer.

Dimensions are: 33" x 46" x 21"

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Looks like an indonesian reproduction table. Most of them are a type of rainforest mahogany that grows very quickly. The trees are cut down & the furniture is made with green wood. This is why the edges of the table are splitting. I wouldn't have this type of furniture in my house as it's cured with unknown chemicals.
I have been in a warehouse of this type of furniture & the offgassing of the finishes gives you a massive headache.

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My impression from the pictures is that this table is pretty new.

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My first thought was that it looks like one of those cheaper modern Asian imports.
Being quite close to Indonesia, we have whole stores dedicated to selling pieces like that table so you get an eye for it.

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It's posted on CL, and you all confirm my impression.

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it's Chinese. you see them asking as much as $ 1,500.00 Dollars. I would offer a $100.00 Dollars.

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