Any guesses on how old this sideboard might be?

oldstuff4meJanuary 12, 2012

My aunt purchased it in an antique shop about 20 years ago. She just recently gave it to me. I can't find any markings of any kind on it.

I know this photo is terrible (the lighting is bad, I used my phone camera and the angle is weird)... I'll try to post a better photo soon.


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I'd say 1920-30s. Sort of Mission-esque, sort of Deco.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's hard to tell by the photo, but it might be English oak from the '30s or '40s, or even later. Can you get us a close-up of the carved motif on the doors, if that's what it is?

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I think it's 40's or 50's....sure wouldn't say anything like English oak, very possibly cherry, maple or walnut.
Would live to see details like drawer dove tailing, the back, close up of the doors and what's inside those doors.
Nice piece....hope you love it!

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I do love it!!!

I will take some photos using a proper camera with better lighting when I get home tonight.

Thanks everyone!

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Very nice!! Quarter sawn oak....1910-ish...looks like a very fine piece....even the sides of the drawers are oak. Looks like of the Roycroft/ Limbert era.
I'll bet it has been refinished once....hence the lighter color.
Great piece!
Linda c

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You're right... it's definitely been refinished. The back of it is much darker (I'm assuming whoever refinished it, was too lazy to worry about doing the back as well)

Thanks very much for taking the time to weigh in on this piece for me. Regardless of it's age, I adore it... it just makes it that much sweeter that it's quite possibly a true antique.

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I still think English or European with the style of that carving. And definitely oak. And I still think '30s at the earliest. It's a nice piece with a lot of character.

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I tend to agree with Chibimimi. First off, look at the size. Early century production piece buffets were massive. This one looks to be maybe four feet? This is a later piece of furniture designed to fit smaller rooms.

It may very well have been refinished, but backs of these pieces are not finished and can look darker then finished parts since unfinished wood does darken with age.

The metal backplate to the lock looks quite thin and stamped. Are these really locks, or put there for that effect? When you open the doors, is there shelving?

Would you mind giving the dimensions of the piece?

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There was a lot of "dainty" furniture in the 10 years either side of 1900...for example the Larkin stuff.
And 1890 to 1910 was also prime time for Art Nouveau movement which was mostly light and airy and not necessarily massive at all.
As for unfinished wood darkening with age....then I wonder why the inside of my 150 year old chest is not dark nor the inside of the 200 year old table drawer is so light.
The old varnishes and shellac will darken with age.

Here is a link that might be useful: limbert sideboard

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Not formal dining room furniture there wasn't where buffets and sideboards were concerned, or it wasn't at all typical of that era. You might find a smaller 'server' buffet but this one seems to be deeper than most I've seen listings for. That's why I'm interested in dimension. You might find daintiness in odd pieces, washstands, commodes and there I agree. That's one reason I asked what it looked like inside the doors.

Yes, I'm quite aware old finishes can darken with age, and I'm not arguing that this piece hasn't been refinished. It likely has. Yes again, inside chests and drawers the wood does not darken like it does on the backs because it isn't subject to dust and pollutants so common in the days of manufactured house gas, coal and wood burning furnaces and fireplaces. I have yet to see a very light back to any piece of old furniture and I have seen plenty. They get cruddy even in the most elegant homes.

This is a nice little piece but it's no Limbert or Roycroft. The inexpensive metal details sort of suggest it's more common. It's little more than stamped tin. I'd also be curious to know if a caster was ever mounted under the legs. If there wasn't, I'd suspect it was made when they started to be phased out in furniture.

That being said, it's a most pleasant piece and I certainly wouldn't mind having it sitting in my house.

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Raising hand excitedly! Definitely English from 1900-1930s. It was made for the smaller apartments and semi-detached (row housing) houses that were popular for their Yuppies. :) Nice pieces because they fit in so many decorating styles.

Those 1/2 round handles and the restrained use of ornamentation are characteristic of that furniture.

It's not full-blown Art Nouveau, nor Arts and Crafts ... a timid blend for the person who wanted to be trendy but didn't have the money or the guts to go with the real thing. But a nice piece to have

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The dimensions are...

47" wide
18" deep
38" tall

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Any chance it's Scandinavian?

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I would have to agree. 1920s-1930s.

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