Detached house - finally some quiet?

jen5276February 27, 2006

Hey everyone,

I am going to look at a house for rent in a few days, that is a detached house (more of like a cottage, 2 bedrooms, but has a backyard and basement). I doing this due to the noise situation I seem to experience in every apartment I rent. I am currently living in a 2nd floor walk-up apartment. I just moved there about 5 months ago, thinking this would be the right place for me since I am on the second floor and wouldnÂt have to listen to the constant noise above me (running, jumping of children, furniture being dragged across the floor, etc. I am sure plenty of you understand this!) Anyway, now I am having a problem with my downstairs neighbors and their surround sound. They love to blast their television and radio to the point where it really disturbs me. I have asked them once to turn it down, and they did, but they go right back to blasting it the next day. Last week, I left them a note on the door explaining how the sound of the bass really travels, and how I could hear it. One night, one of them was playing a video game and I thought it was thunder outside!! I asked if they could simply turn down the bass, or possibly put the speakers on foam pad to eliminate the sound travel.

Anyway, I didnÂt get any response regarding my note, so I assume they just chose to ignore it. This past Saturday, once again, I heard their noise and I am sick and tired of it. Why are people so inconsiderate? I know that if I was disturbing someone, I would want to work out a solution. As a matter of fact, when I first moved in to this apartment, I asked them if they heard my treadmill, (they told me no, they never hear it) and told them that if they ever could or there was ever a problem with noise being that I am above them, to let me know. They seemed nice at the time, but now I am changing my mind about that. The worst part is that the landlord is a real passive type and lives off the premises, so I doubt calling her would do me any good. She told me last time I mentioned it that we both live in the house and have to work it out.. (BIG HELP!)

So now I am looking to rent a detached house, hopefully I will finally get the quiet that I am looking for!!! Anyone have any experience with this? Since I am not attached to anyone, there is no problem with noise in that senseÂÂ Keep your fingers crossed for me and thanks for listening!

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Good luck escaping the purgatory of apartment living. If you can afford to leave, it is worth it. (Unfortunately, here in the crazy land of Maryland, few can afford to leave unless they have 2 good incomes and don't mind mountains of debt.)

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As a new homeowner, I can tell you that the noise issues (both as a listener, and a maker) are sooo much better once you are out of a house. BUT -- realize that you can't get rid of them completely. I love almost everything about my house, except for the neighbors behind us who leave their dog outside all day, starting at 6:30am -- and it barks. All the time. Starting at 6:30, which is a good hour before I have to get up. The downside -- you have to deal with the noise yourself, as you don't have intermediaries like an apartment manager to intercede on your behalf (unless you want to escalate the situation by calling the cops or Animal Control, in my case). And usually, rules about noise in a complex are stricter than the state/county/city ones, if they are enforced (which, I admit, is rare). There also is not the "threat" of eviction if the person is making a lot of noise -- the most you can hope for is a noise citation from the cops...ha! On the upside for you, if in the unlikely event that you can't bear the noise coming from a neighbor, you can always move. It's harder to do when you own the house ;)

Having said all that, though, my noise woes are 100% better than when I was living in an apartment. Just don't expect to get perfect quiet once you live in a house, is what I'm saying.

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*out of an apartment, that first sentence should read. *sigh*

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