Need suggestions for OTR microwave

daggettJanuary 30, 2013

My 1 1/2 year old Samsung OTR microwave is dead for the second time. I am looking at the GE 120v Advantium or a clearance Viking convection/microwave. The wrong model was order for a customer.

The Viking has a 3 year warranty and is priced at $809. I have read that a lot of people have had reliability problems with Viking but I have a Viking dual fuel range that has worked perfectly.

My mom had an Advantium and while she did like it she had a few problems with it.

Your thoughts and suggestions would help me make this decision. Thanks.

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I have an Advantium 120 OTR that is approx. four years old. I love it; I haven't had any issues with it, and it makes a darn good roast chicken and decent salmon fillets using the speedcook function. I use it almost daily for steaming veggies, reheating leftovers, or other typical microwave uses. Mine doesn't do beef/pork very well on speedcook, but hey, that's what the range and the grill are for.

This forum generally hates OTRs for their deficiencies regarding venting, and it's a legitimate concern. I don't know that any one OTR micro is significantly better than another in this regard. If you've accepted your venting limitations (I have as make up air is strictly enforced in MN over 300 cfm) than the Advantium will do an acceptable job within its performance class.

I do highly suggest venting to the exterior if you can. For the first two years mine was recirculating, and it seemed like it would be roughly as effective if I just blew hard in the direction of the range. When I had the exterior vent installed the performance was markedly better. It's still no 1000 cfm vent though.

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the LG extend-a-vent microwave works very well

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I have been using a Whirlpool OTR microwave. It is very underpowered - takes 2 minutes to boil a cup of water. The vent hood performance is also poor even though it is vented to the outside.

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I had a Whirlpool OTR before the Samsung. The plastic parts became brittle with age. I wasn't impressed with it's performance either.

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There's a Kenmore OTR MW with a 600 cfm fan and a door that can open from either the left or right, although it doesn't seem to get great reviews.

The LG units with the sideways-sliding tray rather than a turntable, and a pull-out hood are nice. Some of these have a 400 cfm fan.

I've used several OTR Advantiums and they are probably my favorite due to their versatility and build quality (nice roomy stainless-steel interior, etc.). Also, 3 choices of styling (Cafe, Profile, Monogram). Get the latter two in black or stainless and you get a neat illuminated keypad too.

The 240v versions of the Advantium work much faster and better as speedcookers and slightly faster as a microwave oven, but the same as a convection oven. Worth the added cost of the oven and rewiring for 240v/30a if you use the speedcook alot, but if you use it only occasionally the 120v will suffice.

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Thanks for the replies.

Well I bought the Viking because it looked better with my range. Lucky for us the appliance store didn't include all of the parts needed for installation. While waiting for a call back from the store to see if they could locate the missing parts, I decided to give the microwave a try. It was DOA. I returned the Viking and purchased a GE Advantium.

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A much better choice, IMHO.

BTW: I've never owned a microwave that could boil a cup of water is less than 2:30min. More like 3 minutes.

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