Parking in Designated Parking Spots

snickerdoodle564February 9, 2011

My husband and I are renting a condo that designates parking for each condo. We have 2 spots for our 2 cars, and it's very clear the spots belong to our house number.

Ever since we've moved in, we've had problems with neighbors and their visitors parking in our spots. There are designated visitors' spots, but nobody uses them (except us when people park in our spots).

We've spoken with our neighbors and have FINALLY gotten them to stop parking in our spots (it took 7 months and many threats of towing their vehicles), but we are still having a big problem with our neighbor's visitors parking in our spots. Nearly every day this happens.

We don't feel right having these visitors' towed, as we haven't been in communication with them like we have with the neighbors, but clearly, our neighbors aren't doing their job as tenants. We've spoken with the management company, and their only suggestion has been to have people towed, but like I said, I don't feel right having "first offenders" towed.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can reclaim our parking spots? Thanks in advance!

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A great big sign saying that they WILL be towed?

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Thanks, Larke. There's actually one on the gate they have to go through to get into the complex! But despite our living in a college town, most people here appear to not know how to read...

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Get two of these. (they have more, and some 'designer' ones too, but wording on that one fit). And a couple of these. (Actually you can get those posts for much less at Home Depot or Lowes - we used some to secure temporary fencing till permanent was repaired. Think they were a few $ each.) For that matter you might be able to find an appropriate sign locally, they do carry them (metal) at big box home stores, it's hit or miss if you get the wording you want. Or you can buy a background 'designer' style plate & purchase lettering to go with it, and put your own wording on it. That option gets pricey, but they are unique, nice looking, I've seen those as well at big box stores. (Lowe's, I'm pretty sure, will custom order designer signs on plaque of your choice. Catalog is near where they sell house address numbers, etc.)

Point is, if it's different than what the complex has posted, and is posted in your own spaces, it's going to stand out more. Indicative to anyone it's apparently become a problem & so taking your spaces is at their own risk.

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Are these visitors visiting the neighbors who used to park in your spots, or are they visiting random people throughout the complex?

If they are visiting the neighbors who used to park in your spots, I'd tell the neighbors *once* that their visitors can't use your parking spots. After that, I'd call the office and let their cars be towed.

If they are just random people visiting random neighbors, then I'd get the signs that Moonshadow suggested, as long as your condo rules allow you to put up signs.

Is there any reason why your parking spaces get used more than other peoples'? Are they right next to the door or something?

And don't completely discount towing. It would probably only take one or two times of having a visitor's car towed away before word got around the entire complex that it isn't a good idea to let guests park in your spaces.

Until you change your reaction to cars parked in your spaces, nothing will change. You have to find a way to let people know that parking in your designated spots is not okay.

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+1. Nothing says you mean business like following through. Word will get around quickly not to park in your spots. Problem solved.

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If you have the time to deal with first offenders, I agree it's the civil approach. The city I live in doesn't check prior offenses before writing a citation for illegally parking. If there's a sign, it's being read and ignored in almost all cases.

Honestly, I'm surprised the condo association doesn't fine folks. Sounds like a money train!

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Thanks for all of the great ideas!

I don't think we're supposed to put up signs, but if management can't take care of things like they're supposed to, I don't really care. And having a sign up would give these people one last fair warning before we have their cars towed, should they persist in their inconsideration.

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i live in a condo with assigned parking, at our complex its no warning, no nothing. your car gets towed if its parked in someones spot. needless to say its not a problem. plus the towing company we contract with gets 100.00 a day storage,100.00 call out fee, and 150.00 for the tow.

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Youre way more patient than I am. Someone parking in a space Im paying for would be getting their car out of an impound lot.

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