roommate leaving before lease is up

jadmmmFebruary 13, 2007

I am looking for non biased opinions.

my roommate wants to move out before the lease is up. I know there must be a simple answer, but I cannot see it because I'm so involved.

these are never short stories...

both people in this issue are over 30, we are both on the lease.

I would love to see the lazy thing go, but I do not want to deal with the BS of roommates coming in and out of the space. I am stumped for ideas on where we could get someone reliable to move in for 6-8 months (depending on how long it takes for her to move out).

my personal experience with short term roomies has been very bad. in the past, I have tried using a sub-contract, and was taken to court by my landlord after the sub-contractors didn't pay. (I didn't have to pay for the deadbeats, but it was still a hassle). I have had roommates move in for 2 months and then leave to move in w/ their girlfriends, leaving me to find someone to replace them. w/out a contract, sub letters don't seem to care. Amusingly, even here, with a contract, the present roommate thinks it's ok to leave.

she wants to move out because it is an old house and has to be maintained. I should mention, that when she moved in, it was an old house, it didn't SUDDENLY get old. Her bathroom has plumbing issues. she has ~not~ called a plumber. she has ~not~ called the landlord. I have asked her to, but she won't. She is using my bathroom. I do not want to have to call the landlord for her. it is something that she should be responsible for.

there are other things wrong with the house, things that she has made little to no effort to fix (ex. she blew a fuse in her room and hasn't replace it for a year). even if she does manage to get them fixed, I doubt she will want to stay. she has to actually do stuff, like upkeep and maintenance and she doesn't like that. it will be amusing to see what happens when she moves into her boyfriend's run down old townhouse.

an interesting thing I just thought of - before she moves out, she will have to call someone to fix the bathroom, because how will I find someone to move in to a place w/ a busted bathroom?

she has been there for about 1.5 years. I have been there much longer. I really like the house. it's not perfect, but I think it is wonderful. sadly, I cannot afford to live there by myself.

I kicked a reliable roommate out to make room for her, with the understanding that she would stay the lease. I feel like my trust has been violated, and once again, I am learning to trust no one.

she is pissed as hell at me, her boyfriend has publicly blogged how horrible I am (without naming my name). I am trying to protect myself. I have been ripped off too many times to just roll over and take it again. I am terribly insulted that she did not consider me at all in this. she asked, as a mere formality, and was upset when I told how I felt. (if there was only one answer, why ask the question?) btw I didn't say no. I said we need figure out a way where we can make this work for everyone. I said I didn't feel comfortable with someone moving in short term.

in a perfect world, we would both move out, I would get my own place and never have to deal with dishonest, cheating, lazy roommates again. but there is that crazy 'responsible' part of me that believes a 2 year lease is a 2 year lease. ya, I'm jaded.

I have lost my faith in humanity. and I trust no one.

I would love input on how to resolve this situation. I know I'm venting here, but really, I don't want to be mean. I want to find a resolution that makes everyone happy. (btw - note how it's ~ME~ who is interested in finding a resolution where everyone is happy, not her...grr...)

the solution should be fair and respectful to everyone. I am not opposed to compromise.

and I want to make sure that the solution is legal.

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If her name is on the lease, then there's a landlord issue, and I don't know how that works--does the dual lease end?

You like the place, so maybe you'd be willing to stay for longer?Can you get the landlord to write you--just you--a new, longer lease? And then find a roommate for that longer period?

(and, if she's going to move out, there's no lingering. She picks a move out date, and she goes--no fair hanging around making it harder for you to get someone for a short-term)

I'm not a fan of having both roommates on the lease. I'd rather have ME on the lease, with permission to have a roommate.

Then, I'm a landlord, sort of. I have the responsibility to call the landlord or the plumber about the bathroom, to change the fuse, etc. Even if we split the rent 50-50, the clout I have, and the stability I have, it's only fair that I bear the bigger logistical responsibility. And the responsibility of paying all the bills if I can't find a roommate.

And I can tell them to leave.

And boy I bet you regret kicking out a responsibile roommate for her! Esp. if you know how hard it is to find people who won't rip you off. I'm sort of surprised you would have done that.

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