Adding half bath to apartment

stitz_crewFebruary 17, 2013

We are in the planning stages of a new build and looking at design options for a downstairs apartment / inlaw suite. Current floor plan is a 1 bedroom 1 bath with open kitchen/living area. The bathroom is on the opposite side of the apartment from the bedroom. It would roughly be 40' walk to the bathroom from the bedroom. I know this is not ideal but the only place for a full bathroom. The current bedroom layout is ~13' x 11' with a ~4'x8.5' nitch. There is a large walk-in closet as well.

My main question: Would it make sense to add a half bath in the bedroom where the 4'x8' nitch is leaving a 13'x11' room? Would a bathroom away from the bedroom be a key problem for potential renters to make the cost of half bath worth it?

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Why not add it later if you see if seems to be a deal breaker? Only you can do the math to see if it is worth while.
IMHO people who rent will be thrilled to get a newly renovated apartment. I don't think they will too concerned with the walk.
However this might be a consideration for an old person or couple.

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I agree that I would rather add it later if really needed. The only problem with this is that it is in a basement and will deal with a slab so it is likely a now or never situation b/c busting up concrete will def. not be worth it then.

We mainly will use the apartment space for family and helping out people in a pinch through our church, so the rental income is not a great deal as of now. I am leaning on not doing it and making sure that I have space for laundry. Since it is all on one floor a half bath is not as crucial. The only time I see it being beneficial is late at night trips to the bathroom. I guess I can supply night lights ;)

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A bathroom on the opposite side of the apartment from the bedroom wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.

Currently, I'm in a two bedroom apartment. One bedroom is right next to the bathroom. The other is at the far end of the apartment, about 50 feet away. We have a nightlight in the hallway for middle of the night bathroom trips. No real problem.

Since you won't be renting this out full-time, I think you are fine without adding the half-bath.

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