Loud Roof Ventilation/Exhaust Fan in Condo

Ann34February 10, 2014

I live on the top floor of a mid sized condo building. Recently (the winter) there has been this loud but low frequency droning noise in the walls facing the hallway. It sounds like a washing machine on spin cycle through the apartment and it is very annoying. It is even louder out in the hallway. If you put your ear to the wall it sounds like an jet engine running. I spoke the the maintenance and they said it was the roof ventilation turbine blades spinning. Probably but why all of a sudden is this so loud and travelling down to my apartment? There is also a slight vibration on the floor. Also this maintenance is not keen to spend money so what possibly can they do to fix it and can I suggest for them low cost?

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This is an issue I'd bring up to the condo association. It's a new noise, which could mean that the cold winter weather or snow is causing it. Or it could mean that something is broken or about to break.

I'd tell the association that you've checked with Maintenance and have not received an answer that explains the sudden increase in volume, and you'd like them to check it out.

If something breaks, you, as a condo owner, will have to pay part of the costs of repair, if the association doesn't have enough money on hand to cover the cost. So you have a vested interest in finding out what the cause of the noise increase is.

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